Yet another USA gold medalist

As I was watching the Olympics, I was reminded of something I said to Gerry Spence when I was visiting Trial Lawyers College in July:

“Trial law is the only blood sport where you can be an Olympic gold medalist at age 79.”

4 Responses to Yet another USA gold medalist

  1. Chris says:

    Geoff, Chris here from Fans of Fieger. I (we) are very very happy that you prevailed. I had little doubt that Gerry Spence would be victorious for you. I continue to wish you continued all the luck, and health and great happiness for your family. It is good to know you and to run Fans of Fieger for you. I’m glad to see you online, and hope to see your views and perspectives on your blog.

  2. Dana says:

    Loyalty, Dignity & Life

    I learned to appreciate Geoffrey Fieger when he chose to defend Dr. Jack Kevorkian, dignity in death is what everyone preaches, but few that are alive do much about.

    Freedom of choice in life and in death should be fundamental. I can appreciated this first hand, my uncle’s doctors worked two years to keep him alive, (stroke/coma) while successfully intentionally draining his financial assets.

    I am proud to have become friends with my childhood hero Gerry Spence. Loyalty in life – like dignity in death alludes most of us, not because of choice, but because of the frailties of life. A friend can put meaning back into life. Gerry has done that for so many.

    Geoffrey – Success is the best revenge. Look forward, live long, breathe deep and continue the good fight – the nails are not in the box, yet.

  3. Remy says:

    If Gerry was an Olympian, I guess Michael Phelps 11 golds pale in comparison. I appreciate you coming out to visit and speak to our class at the ranch. Being able to put the name with a real person, made remembering you name much easier. After you left we sat around the fire discussing your comments and how approachable you really are. The media paints all Mega Lawyers as self absorbed SOB’s, that you were not.

    You are fighter and I wish you continued success.

    Thank you,

    TLC ’08
    Gulfport, MS

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:


    I ended up on this blog over a week ago because I just wanted to express to Mr. Fieger my condolences about Dr. Kevorkian’s death… Kevorkian’s been an intellectual hero of mine for the past two months. I had tears in my eyes when I found out about his death, so I could only imagine what people who knew him were going through, and I wanted to find some of them and express my condolences.

    Anyway, after I left my condolences comment, I read more blog entries and found myself really interested… this is a great blog and Mr. Fieger seems like a genuinely good-hearted lawyer (usually an oxymoron, right? ;)). Lots of interesting posts here, lots of great discussion topics.

    BTW, Mr. Fieger, I hope you don’t mind that I comment so much. I do that on other people’s blogs and they either really appreciate it or they really get annoyed by it… so if I’m overstaying my comments welcome, let me know and I’ll back off. Otherwise, I’m going to comment whenever I see a post that I really like! 🙂


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