I spent the last five days in Wyoming at Gerry’s Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College. Spence and I taught a seminar about my trial. Lawyers from all over the country came to hear about how we won the case and to hear about Gerry’s last trial. It was sort of strange to relive such a painful time of my life. At the same time, I continue to appreciate the greatness of Gerry Spence. We ended the seminar with me reading a portion of Gerry’s closing argument. There were few dry eyes in the room, just like during the trial. I’ve heard a lot of closing arguments in my life, and I can tell you that Gerry Spence’s closing argument in my case will go down in history as one of the greatest closing arguments ever.

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  1. Jill Powell says:

    Hey GNF.

    Love the blog! Kudos on the kids, the outcome of the trial, the new building and everything GNF!! Love to the Gang.

  2. George says:

    The entire Closing was brillant arguement and performance art wrapped seamlessly. I read later that there were 24 objections during his closing yet his presentation was so rivetting that afterward I would have guessed only 5 or 6 objections.
    It all led up to that unforgetable moment when he encapsulated the entire prosecution by shouting,without warning, “You’re a liar Geoffrey Fieger,a liar!
    A liar ! A liar ! A liar ! ” and immediately followed it with, at same volume ” This
    to a man who keeps his fathers ashes on his desk.” It was the most carthetic moment
    I have ever seen in a courtroom. It was when the rooms tears came.
    It was so carthetic that it may have stopped the prosecution from objecting
    as he told the story of the bird and the evil young man. Everyone knew that he ends each criminal case with that story. It’s an emotional plea. Why not plan to object ?
    But in this case the emotional carthesis had just taken place and they probably under-
    stood that they would looked even worse if they interrupted.
    I wish that that entire trial was on video and be required watching before anyone could try a case. Regards

  3. Patricia Jankowski says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I missed out on a lot of the publicity about this trial because I wasn’t following much during that time.

    But I would love to one day read about this and I hope someone will write a book about it…maybe you, someday?

    At any rate, I am glad there was a good outcome and that you stood your ground during the whole ordeal. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like. You must have a tremendous amount of courage and dedication.

    God Bless you, your staff, and all of your supporters…and don’t worry about the reference to God, my God is not the “Republican” God…mine is the loving God they teach about in the Course in Miracles, lol…and He’s not competing with anyone

    Pat Jankowski

  4. caseychurko says:

    where can I see a video or transcript of the closing argument?

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