Sarah Palin

Did Sarah Palin tell Charlie Gibson that she was willing to go to war with Russia over Georgia or the Ukraine if they were part of NATO? My fellow Americans, does this candidate, who would be one heartbeat away from the presidency understand the concept of mutually assured destruction? If America elects another imbecile who they would like to put on lipstick with – we deserve exactly what we get. In other words, who in their right mind would vote for another person as unqualified as Bush?

5 Responses to Sarah Palin

  1. Chris says:

    She also believes (has said) that the Iraq war was “God’s Will”, and asked people to “pray for a new Alaskan pipeline”. First off I reserve prayer for things of much more life altering and needed reasons. Secondly, the Iraq war was not God’s Will, it was Bush’s Will.

  2. Claudine Mitchell says:

    Do you realize that more and more “Obama” is coming off as a “Socialist”. Basically he wants the government to have control of everything over the American people.

    Don’t you think the government already has enough?? And obviously they can’t even handle that. Let alone, what happened to the American People and their civil rights as it is????

    Think about it….If American people wanted the government to turn communist, we wouldn’t have or want any rights, those people should just go to a communist country instead of having a president who wants to turn our that way.

  3. Claudine:
    A basically illiterate and ignorant response. It’s difficult to believe that the Republicans have actually been able to resurrect the Communist boogey-man. Especially when Bush just spread around about a trillion dollars worth of wealth to Wall Street, the insurance companies and the banks. It is this kind of unmitigated idiocy that will eventually bring down this great country.

  4. Patricia Jankowski says:

    I’m commenting on this post rather late, but to this day, I still have little or no understanding of how it was that Sarah Palin became nominated for a candidate for Vice President at all.

    My sister lives in Fairbanks, AK and I have many friends who live in the Anchorage area as well. None of these people have any admiration for Palin whatsoever. They never understood how it was that she became governor of the state, and neither do I. They hate it when I bring up the subject of her. They’re embarrassed.

    My feeling about her from the first moment I heard her talk was that she was an exercise in tokenism for the Republican party, to give them some last-ditch hope of winning the election after they realized, with alarm, that their popularity among our citizenry was rapidly waning.

    A woman for Vice President! How novel! How quaint! Let’s do it!

    My other feelings after I first heard her talk were pain, embarrassment and shame for my own gender, and also anger that any Presidential candidate in any party would choose such a ditz for a co-candidate as a representative of what women can do. To me, that was the ultimate insult to my gender….so, THIS is what you think is an example of the best of us? That is so horribly sad that I cannot dwell on it.

    I was delighted when she and McCain did not win. I lived in fear until the election was over. I went online and checked the price of a one-way ticket to New Zealand where I was contemplating taking up residence if they won. I have friends there as well.

    I also thought, many, many times, of all the possibilities that there were among American women who could have run for Vice President, and who would have been credible.

    But I guess we’re not there yet.

    I don’t know if we ever will be, in my lifetime. But one thing I can say is that there were tougher, smarter, and braver female political leaders in this world during the 15th century in England and in many other countries than there were during the last election and that makes me sad.

    Perhaps I am an anachronism…I have always loved Renaissance music.

    Queen Elizabeth was really more my style.

  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Sarah Palin makes Bush look like an intellectual.

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