Sarah Palin

Even if the right-wing wackos really believe that we should bomb every country that looks at us cross-eyed, pollute every river and lake we can find, abstain rather than provide birth control to a world approaching 7 billion people, and that God is going to come down tomorrow to smoke those who support a woman’s right to choose… How in the hell could they continue to support Sarah Palin? She makes Bush look like an intellectual.

6 Responses to Sarah Palin

  1. Ashley says:

    As a 19 year old female, who does run around with peroxide blonde hair and bright red lipstick and is referred to as Barbie here and there, I’m extremely embarrassed that this woman could one day be in office. She has no logic and is a complete airhead. She knows nothing about politics and relies on her experience with Alaska. I don’t know if she’s realized it but Alaska population less than Detroit’s population.

    After reading much of your blog I’ve realized why I’ve always looked up to you.

    Great Minds think alike.

  2. George says:

    It is a terrible slap in the face for the American people. It says that their team does
    not care who they nominate for the reason that they know that they will control that person. Any momentary sensation will do. Paris Hilton for president ? Trini Lopez ?
    Alvin ?

  3. nikonicus says:

    I have suggested that the word “palin” can be used as a verb (To attempt to impress another by feigning knowledge.) Example: “I didn’t study for that Poli Sci essay test and had to totally palin it. But the prof saw that I was clueless and I got a D+.”

  4. Jo-Anne Julius says:

    Hey, she can see Alaska from her house!! Doesn’t that qualify her to represent our country in foreign affairs?

    I love nikonicus’s suggestion–let’s use “palining” and see how long it takes to catch on!! You betcha!!

  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I wrote a satire in the style of The Onion in which Sarah Palin became president and tried to outlaw menstruation because it “kills babies.” Yes, the pro-life movement at its finest:

  6. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Richard Dawkins wrote this lovely bit on his forum today:

    ‎”I treasure the scene where Crocodile Dundee poses as a kangaroo with a gun and scares the daylights out of a gang of whooping roo-hunting larrikins. In my dreams I see a moose or a bear dealing with Sarah Palin and wiping the smile off her stupid face.”

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