Tickets and the Titanic

When the Titanic went down, who got the lifeboats?

Now, those of us in the third class sections of the economy are being asked to help the rich get into the lifeboats, while we go down with the mortgage.

The more I think about it… the same financial institutions that refuse to renegotiate mortgages so people can avoid foreclosure, are now asking us to lend money to them! These same bankers are about to lose their Country Club memberships if the people they forced out of their homes refuse to lend them money.

What’s the alternative? $700 billion to guarantee health care for everyone, saving not only lives but billions of dollars for businesses to reinvest or pay a living wage to American workers… a massive infrastructure program to make public transportation available thereby cutting the use of foreign oil 10%… a Manhattan Project on alternative energy creating jobs and energy independence? I bet that those projects would stimulate the economy.

Naw… let’s give our money to the same guys who mismanaged investments so they can make some more investments.

2 Responses to Tickets and the Titanic

  1. noncooperator says:

    Can’t sell your house? Can’t get a mortgate? Skip the wall street middlmen and think land contract.

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Heh, well said! 🙂 I like the Titanic analogy.

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