Bad Cops in Connecticut, on Video

It never ceases to amaze me how the cops keep beating the crap out of people while the video recorders in their police cruisers capture the beatings on tape. This time it happened in Connecticut. Here’s the video if you want to watch:

I like how practically the whole thing is “bleeped” out because the cops are cussing up a shit storm as they are pounding on this poor guy Alexis Hernandez (of course he is Latino). And of course, the police department refused to turn over the video until after they were sued under the Freedom of Information Act.

I watch videos like this all the time because I often work on police beating cases. You’d think I’d get used to seeing this stuff by now, but I don’t. I still get angry and outraged by every one of these tapes. And these maniacs are carrying guns. Scary! The cowboy cop, Brian Lawlor, in the video was fired and later charged with third degree assault for which he received nothing a one year suspended sentence.

Amusingly, after the video was released this week, the cowboy cop’s lawyer said that the video justified the beating because he thought the guy was reaching for a gun. Yeah right. They always say they thought the guy was reaching for a gun. Hm, when I watch this video I’m trying to figure out at what point cowboy thought the guy was reaching for a gun? Maybe it was when there were THREE cops bending the guy over his car and beating the shit out of him. Yeah, that must be when the cowboys thought he was reaching for a gun. Right, I must have missed that. Keep the cameras rolling!

4 Responses to Bad Cops in Connecticut, on Video

  1. Annika Stanley says:

    And yet Mr Fieger hires very little minorities. I guess the rumor is true about him. Minorities are only good to him in lawsuits.

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Why do these videos circulate? Why do people seem to enjoy watching other people’s misery? Why is Jerry Springer so popular? Why is it that it’s acceptable for TV networks to show graphic violence like this and yet they must bleep out swear words and cover up nudity?

    Why do teenage girls corner the School Reject in the locker room, beat ther into unconsciousness, record it on their cell phones, and put it on YouTube? Why did some lowlifes recently beat a transwoman, until she got a seizure, for trying to use a bathroom in a McDonald’s in Maryland? Why did they laugh as she convulsed in her seizure? Why did the McDonald’s employees just egg them on instead of intervening in some way? Are these actions really that much different than drawing and quartering in the Middle Ages? I think the same mindset is involved. I seriously wonder if it stems from some evolutionary imperative for an US vs. THEM mentality, that the School Reject, the transsexual, and so forth are THAT different and thus they must be THEM and any THEM will be competing against US for resources and US must kill THEM to prevent that. And, of course, I wonder if the videotaping and humiliation is a modern manifestation of some social bonding experience among the US.


  3. THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO SURFACE AND GO VIRAL ! More people need to be aware of what the police do! They hide problems very well. A lot of people think this is protocol ? There are a lot more cops than this that go hay wire, All aren’t dumb enough to do it on camera ! So glad this footage is out there ! It was very hard for me to watch ! And then when he says “That was me being Gentle !” I could have puked !

  4. dave says:

    im glad there is a lawyer to take on cases like this, I made a drunken mistake of running from the Michigan state police when it was over 5-7 of them beat me for at least 4 min. putting me in the hospital, both my eyes were swollen shut severely bruised ribs, concussion. needless to say I was really messed up, then I was told if I called a lawyer or told anyone they would add another charge of assaulting a police officer. I wish I knew then what I do now, I would have called Fieger and sued that shit out of that hole department and had them all thrown in jail, just because people make a mistake doesn’t mean they should have the crap beat out of them.

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