There are a lot of positives in the President’s speech on health care but, in my mind, none was greater than the contrast that President Obama cast between the two political parties. Here was a Democrat and the President who was in control of the details, appealing for bipartisan cooperation for the good of the nation and citing historical precedents as well as future possibilities. He was intellectual yet passionate, principled and determined. There were the Republicans – rude and partisan and, ultimately, shamed not only by their record, but also by their own behavior. Barney Frank captured it for me when he responded to a question about the outrageous behavior of Rep. Wilson when he said that Wilson’s heckling was a sure sign that President Obama was so effective that Republicans were losing their minds.

President Obama has come to symbolize a Democratic Party that is smart, caring, polite and strong. Republicans have become a party of tea-baggers, “birthers”, and even some of their own leaders have voiced a concern that the conservative movement has lost its intellect. I know I’ve been critical of the President, especially with regard to his economic policy, but he won me back with that speech last night. Good for him and even more so – good for us.

5 Responses to R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. I agree. Like Fieger I am fairly critical when examining political speech. However, nothing Obama is saying is false, wrong, incorrect or unreasonable when I look at what he says compared to the facts. In fact, most of Obama’s statements are undeniable truths.

    First I want to comment on this ridiculous notion that government single payer health care is a government take over and that private insurance will go out of business if the public option is offered as a competitive choice.

    Well, what is government doing providing a public option for EDUCATION. What the hell is the government involved in that for? How about Veteran’s Health Care? How come non-combat veterans get that public option? FOR FREE mind you! How about PUBLIC LIBRARIES, surely that public option will put book stores and publishers right out of business right? After the Spanish Flu outbreak, Public Health Departments were created. You can get your swine flu vaccine there for less then your insurance co-pay. What? Outrageous! That public option will put hospitals and doctors out of business. Except, the Spanish Flu pandemic and the institution of Public Health Departments was in 1918, almost 100 YEARS AGO. What about this state run UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, that public option would surely put all the insurance companies with long term and short term policies out of business, right? I could go on and on. What about PUBLIC ROADS? Can’t private business do that better. (By the way, GOLDMAN SACHS is currently brokering the sale of US roadways to foreign entities who then charge tolls) Finally, there are those government run FIRE DEPARTMENTS, they did in fact put the private fire departments out of business. So rich or poor you and your family will be saved if there is a house fire. FINALLY, there is Social Security. Surely that public option will put Wall Street, Annuities, and Private Retirement Plans out of business. In fact, the government is involved in many endeavors, FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD. Anyone who tells you different, is a liar or a fool.

    The opponents of the public option must think we are all imbeciles, blind to all that is around us. I will not even comment on Joe Wilson’s childish antics during the speech, other then to say he epitomizes what is wrong with the Republican Party. If they wanted to save themselves, they should criticize Obama for not going far enough on health care reform. Instead the BIG INSURANCE and WALL STREET constituency won’t allow them to use obvious and undeniable political reason.

  2. Oh, I forgot one more public option, those public option PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES. That government take over will put the schools like Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Princeton right out of business.

    What is that government of yours doing by supporting these institutions? Answer: They (we the people) are making better lives for ourselves, our children and our childrens’ children, for the good of our state and our nation. By the way, I hope that this session shows the powers that be that I, at least, am neither a liar or a fool.

    Geoffrey Fieger: thank you for allowing me to express my views on your blog..

  3. John Schultz says:

    Thanks geoffrey for keeping an ever watchful eye.Your knowledge and wisdom in the political arena are much appreciated by those of us whom do not possess such good qualities. I personally believe that you speak the truth from your heart,even if hurts sometimes.I have followed your career and growth for many years and remain a fan becuase you embrace the truth as you know it.

  4. Patricia Jankowski says:

    Amen, I agree with Mr. Schultz…there are few with the courage to speak the truth who have a high profile in any area of society, and you are one of those few, Mr. Fieger. Every time I read your blog, I feel a greater sense of hope, and I’m very grateful to you for that.

  5. I lately came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first remark. I dont know what to say except that I have relished reading. Solid blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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