Robin Hood Justice

Every once in a while I watch the morning news shows during my workouts and this morning I happened to catch a sequence of “Morning Joe” that really irritated me. Joe Scarborough was debating some guests on the need for another Stimulus Package to counter the growing problem of unemployment. Scarborough has never been accused of being the brightest light in a dark room, although he is considered a leader among Conservatives.

While the panel advocated another “more focused economic stimulus” to increase employment, Scarborough kept repeating in mantra-like fashion “we have no money left… we have no money left…”

He’s wrong. We have plenty of money for a jobs program. We have enough money for a jobs program, universal health care – we just have to get it back from the people we gave it to, in exchange for the false promise of jobs. Reagan and Bush (W.) gave away massive amounts of tax money to the richest Americans – trillions of dollars – with the promise that tax cuts for the rich will stimulate jobs growth. It is a belief system that continues to this day, even though history has proven that tax cuts do not stimulate any significant job growth. For example, nearly 40% of Obama’s first “stimulus” consisted of tax cuts.

After WWII, the highest tax rate was 90% and later reduced to roughly 50%. The economy boomed and the middle-class thrived. Reaganism destroyed that prosperity and in the process he began the steady destruction of the middle-class. By now the damning statistic is well known: 95% of all wealth is controlled by 1% of the population. The rich have gotten unbelievably richer and many people are now recognizing that our Democratic Republic is threatened by a plutocracy. Is the real center of political power now on Wall St. and not Washington D.C.?

If the Democrats had any courage, they would raise the tax rate on the top 1% of the population 10% and tax bonuses over $1 million at 50%, private foreign bank account transfers at 90% then we would have more than enough money for universal health care and virtually eliminate the deficit.

What is unfair about taxing the top 1%? It’s not just sad, it’s immoral to allow millions of Americans to languish on unemployment benefits when they want to work.

5 Responses to Robin Hood Justice

  1. Patricia Jankowski says:

    Brave Sir Robin,

    What is also sad is that there is plenty of work to do. Often, I do the jobs of at least 3 people.

    I’d really appreciate it if the place I work for would just hire the other two so that I could catch my breath.

    Also, unemployment benefits do run out eventually. The state of the local homeless shelters near me is a testimonial to that.

    Maid Marian

  2. J. Pollard says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger:

    I think you would make an excellent candidate for the Mayor of Detroit. Have you ever thought about running? I am sure that the people would vote for you. You are like the Robin Hood of the legal profession.

    Thank you.

  3. Tom says:

    If Congress had any guts they would put a 10% cap on fees and costs paid to trial lawyers, develop a loser pay system for lawsuits that is doubled for frivolous suits and and a 90% tax on any attorney’s income derived from the collection of law suit commissions.

  4. Greg says:

    I can’t stand anyone giving more to the government. Isn’t it time we all said enough. I don’t want my government to handle anything for me. It seems funny how people often suggest that throwing more of our money at the government will somehow fix our problems. If we would stop bailing out companies maybe we wouldn’t have as many rich folks, let them fail, so new better companies can rise up.

  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    /begin sarcasm

    Don’t you get it? People who are rich deserve to be rich because they work hard. People who aren’t rich are parasites who don’t try!

    /end sarcasm

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