Supreme Irony

With the retirement of Justice Stevens, one of the great voices advocating for individual liberties left on the Court, the battle begins to find his replacement. Talking about the US Supreme Court is a bit like stepping into Bizzarro World – the creation from Superman Comics where everything in the world is the exact opposite of reality. Then again, maybe it’s a bit more like some Orwellian exercise in double speak. The US Supreme Court, as it has been constituted since 2000, has been the most activist court in our Country’s history, beginning with the unprecedented and shameful coup of Bush V Gore. Since that shameful decision the conservative radicals on the US Supreme Court have consolidated their attempts to undermine the Constitution and turn the country, by judicial fiat, into a corporate oligarchy.

Hopefully, President Obama will nominate a person who has the every day experience and common sense to understand how the decisions of the Court affects the every day lives of ordinary citizens; someone who will be willing to take back the true intent and meaning of the Court, and respect precedent. As for me, I have an idea…

Why not nominate Al Gore? If anyone would appreciate the effects of judicial activism it would be him. Wouldn’t that be a nice ironic twist and a decisive movement toward returning the Court’s perceptive to it’s original intent: to protect the rights of the individual against the powerful.

3 Responses to Supreme Irony

  1. Juan says:

    Hey, Jeffie-boy. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE run for Gov. again…Please!

    I got weeks of enjoyment last time you got steamrolled against Engler and whined and cried about it on your short-lived radio show, “Loser Time”.

    Please run, Jeffie. If you do we can be guaranteed a Republican win…again…and you’ll still be the Loser that you’re always been.

  2. Donna Selman says:

    Hi Geoff,
    Please run for Governor. We need you now–like we have never needed you before. You can count on me to work on your behalf.


  3. Or maybe he could appoint Fieger so we all could have the ability to sue anybody with money for all they’re worth.

    You are an intelligent man, and you were very good on radio, but you have nothing but contempt for those who disagree with you, and this doesn’t play well to the general electorate.

    A lot of Republicans would agree with your proposals if you didn’t insist on calling any Christian conservatives a threat to the republic and suggesting that anybody who doesn’t like several trillion dollars of national debt is a racist.


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