Justice Roam Polanski Style

If the US is asking for the extradition of Roman Polanski, why is the government not asking for the extradition of Cardinal Bernard Law or Pope Benedict XVI? If we consider it important enough to seek extradition of a man responsible for the rape of a child, why are we not asking for the extradition of men who were responsible for allowing the rapes of tens of thousands of children?

Bernard Law was Cardinal of the archdiocese of Boston and had actual knowledge of pedophile priests responsible for the rapes of hundreds of children. He protected the pedophiles from the law and allowed them to be transferred to other duties and other opportunities to rape more children. Cardinal Law beat it to the Vatican literally moments before being served with a subpoena for Grand Jury testimony by the Massachusetts State Police. He claims diplomatic immunity and refuses to submit to justice.

Pope Benedict XVI while Bishop received complaints of child abuse by priests, but his office never responded to the complaints or contacted the police. His supporters claim that he never PERSONALLY saw any of these complaints and was unaware of them. However, as Cardinal Ratzinger before becoming pope, he insisted that ALL cases of sexual abuse be reported to him and only to him. Now stories are emerging about the direct role the Pope played in covering up the crimes and enabling the sexual abuse by pedophiles.

In Britain, there is a movement to serve the Pope with a writ (the equivalent of a subpoena). We should do the same.

Perhaps Roam Polanski should have fled to the Vatican rather than Switzerland, where he would only be one more pedophile among many…

4 Responses to Justice Roam Polanski Style

  1. Maija says:

    If someone went to the same Priest more than once, they do not have a case to complain.

  2. Patricia Jankowski says:

    When I was about 13 years old, I walked out of a Catholic mass and abandoned the Catholic church, in which I was raised, after seeing a priest publicly humiliate a woman so badly for not wearing a hat that she burst into tears.

    Even in the confusion of my teen years, and even after years of nightmare-producing hell-and-damnation training, I knew that the priest’s behavior had nothing to do with God.

    Only those who are capable of creating complex illusions in their own minds could see any difference between Roman Polanski as a pedophile, and a local priest as one.

    But I can guarantee you, the victims don’t see any difference.

    And neither does God. At least not the one I know. Well, wait…perhaps He does see one.

    The priest is much worse than Polanski, because he hides himself in the guise of one of God’s servants.

  3. Felix Amherst says:

    Yout an opportunist of the worst type.

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    The problem is that religion gets such a free ride in so many situations. Had the Pope and his cronies just been some secular group, after the scandal came to the surface these people would have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison. But because religion gets a free ride, over and over again these obviously sexually repressed people continue to get away with abusing children, and I don’t mean just because the priests are generally not removed from the church when the truth surfaces. What I also mean is that when these children tell their parents what happened, the parents sometimes respond with something along the lines of, “He’s a churchman; he wouldn’t do that.” Is it what happens the majority of the time when the children report the abuse to their parents? I don’t know, but the fact that it happens at all just clearly illustrates how religion can easily trump common sense. I would like to know if there are statistics as to how often parents don’t believe their children who tell them that a teacher has sexually abused them. I would suspect that their disbelief is less frequent.

    And the whole thing about the Pope being “infallible” is poisonous in other ways. A couple years ago, I found an old friend on Facebook whom I hadn’t seen since early 1994, when I was 13. She was a fundamentalist Catholic, and I didn’t know this. In response to some religious humor I posted on Facebook (not directly addressed at her), she got upset, saying that she missed my energy and creativity from when we were kids and lamented how I ended up living in such emptiness in adulthood (ie not believing in God) and thinking that Satan is funny (well, of course I think he’s funny: I think it’s hilarious how many people believe in him!). I figured telling her to shove it was not the best course of action, so I basically told her that she could adjust her settings so that certain posts wouldn’t get to her. She did that after a very protracted email exchange in which I was uncharacteristically bending over backwards to accommodate her views. Long story short, the filter on Facebook didn’t work perfectly and she saw a joke I made about wanting to slap the Pope and defriended me. Yep, the infallible Pope who she probably never even met was more important than a childhood friend!


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