Michigan Politics

The results are in and die is cast… Snyder vs. Bernero. This is not exactly a classic confrontation between ideologies, as Snyder seems to be a genuine pragmatist, but it will be an interesting test for both political parties. What was most interesting about the results of the primary could be read between the lines about the Michigan political establishment.

On the GOP side, the culturally intolerant, religious right wing of the Michigan GOP appears to be on life-support and the few surviving Milliken-era Republicans are saying “good riddance”.  Mike Cox was the anointed representative of the “my family values” crowd, an appropriately hypocritical choice. However, Mr. Cox could never shake off the slime of the botched Kilpatrick investigation; and one has to wonder at not only at a dead political career, but about more legal fallout from his involvement in the Manoogian Mansion party once his political cover ends. People often mistake gross incompetence for some sinister motive, but he could have easily silenced critics by taking a polygraph test and releasing the results, or maybe not…

The question for the extreme right wing of the Michigan GOP is will they attempt to undermine Mr. Snyder? He has already proven them to be impotent by winning the nomination without their support and with the support of Independents and disaffected Democrats. Were they attracted by his pragmatism or by the abject horror of even more Cox in Lansing?  Hard to say, but Mr. Snyder has assiduously avoided the culture wars, probably because he is a rational, tolerant human being and, thus, could never win over the radical right of the GOP base. There must be much gnashing of teeth down at the Detroit News and the Right to Life covens today…

On the Democratic side, most of the pundits had it wrong from the start because they failed to consider the one consistent quality of the Michigan Democratic Machine: they are moths around a fire – always anointing the wrong candidate. Dillon was not in the cards because he had alienated the Democratic base in the last 4 years. Being Speaker of the most ineffective Michigan Legislature during the term of one of the most ineffective Democratic Governors in our lifetime, was hardly a qualifying dossier. However, barely being a Democrat seemed to attract the Michigan Trial Lawyers (AKA “The Justice League”) and Establishment Dems, who tried to be cute politically and backed “the only Dem that could win the general election”. They misjudged both Dillon and Bernero.

When will they get it right? Be true to your Progressive values and the base will turn out. If the Michigan GOP has finally been purged its malignant wing, then so too the Democrats might have rediscovered its soul.

6 Responses to Michigan Politics

  1. Jim says:

    It troubles me that Snyder has endorsed Bill Schute for Attorney General; has proclaimed that he would sign Right To Work Legislation; and has no plan in place for revenue if he removes the MBT and would end subsidies or Tax Breaks given to film makers and production companies in that industry. Does he really know the challenges of the Legislative Process? And who woud he pick as a running mate? And does he favor more charter schools that basically exist to put pubic schools out of busniness by taking foundation money from disticts that have to live with the drop in revenue when students take the allocation with them to the charter? Democrats who wish to cross over better give those questions some serious scrutiny.

  2. Jim says:

    It troubles me that Snyder has endorsed Bill Schute for Attorney General; has proclaimed that he would sign Right To Work Legislation; he has no plan in place to restore revenue if the MBT is repealed; would end subsidies and tax breaks to film makers and production companies in that industry. Does he really know the legislative process? And who would he pick as a running mate? And does he favor more Charter Schools that basically exist to put public schools out of busniness by taking foundation money from established districts that have to live with the drop in revenue when students take the allocation with them to the Charter? Democrats who wish to cross over better give these questions and concerns some very serious scrutiny.

  3. Rochelle McDowell says:

    Mr. Fieger: I just heard on Fox News Edge that you have decided to run for Mayor of Detroit. I am elated. I have been an admirer of yours for a very long time. You do not back down and hold true to your words. Political Corruption in Detroit is rampant. They need someone in there who will right the system again and That person is you.

    I am from Canada but have lived here for 17 yrs. I am a permanent resident and plan on becoming a citizen hopefully by Jan 2011( gotta muster up the money)I am currently on unemployment as I was fired from the State of Michigan Dept of Human Services on May 27 2010, because they said I couldn’t handle the job (I supposedly could not meet their deadlines to service the over 650 clients I had in my caseload) with no help from my union. I did grieve the decision to no avail., but that’s not why I am emailing you.

    What I really wanted to say was that when you run for Mayor of Detroit I would like to help campaign for you or do anything needed to help you get elected. I’m not a kook just a concerned mom of 4 grown kids, with 3 in university here in the State of Michigan.

    I live in Novi but I cringe every time Detroit comes up in the national news about the corruption, crime and violence, unemployment,foreclosures etc., etc. here. It especially saddens me to see the horrible state of the Detroit schools and also the corruption within this system as well.

    No wonder the crime rate is high what have those kids got to look forward to, with having to learn in decrepit,delapidated ill-equipped schools ?Change is needed and since I am going to forever stay in the United States and the Michigan area I want to take a useful part in seeing Detroit get back on track as a place people can be proud to call home. You’re the Man for the job, Detroit needs you please do not change your mind.

    Perhaps you got an earlier email of mine disappointed that you didn’t run for Governor and yes Jennifer Granholm was useless, very ineffective. Oh by the way me and a daughter of mine who plans to be a lawyer, (she spoke to you on the phone last year about a possible case) love your commercials!

  4. mitchell kolehmainen says:

    watched you on michigan matters the other day.we need for you to run for president.these religious right wing wackos are trying to start a religious war with islam.they think god will appear and wisk them away. my sister lives in tampa fla.she says the government is building 2 giant internment camps by the airforce bases in tampa and pensicola.americans need to wake up!

  5. David M. Johnson says:

    Dear Mr Fieger

    I believe that you will make a good mayor for the city of Detroit. As another realist, I believe that some of my current projects can help you overcome the deep seeded bigotry that plagues this great city, but I have one request. Detroits schools must be retaken from those who simply wish to keep their jobs. In my opinion, Education is inspired learning not multiple degrees.

    My ideas are based on the basic human, and appear to impact everyone. I believe that you are actually interested in making things right, and these concepts will help you.


    David M. Johnson

  6. Mojgan Kaveh-Talley, M.D. says:

    Sunday August29, 2010
    Dear Mr. Fieger, Esq.
    I was a forensic pathology fellow physician at wayne county medical examiner office and need to discuss issues regarding my job with you.
    I would greatly appreciate if I could get an appointment from you ASAP.

    Kind regards,

    Mojgan Kaveh-Talley, M.D.
    Tel: 313-400-3932

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