“First They Came For …”

Martin Niemoller’s famous rant from WWII came to my mind as I listened to the debate over the so-called “Ground Zero”Mosque, as bigoted and malignant a discussion as any racist rant from the 1900s. We are not at war with Islam, or rather, most of us are not. To equate the actions of a few terrorists who were Moslem with the religion of Islam is like equating the KKK or the Nazis with Christianity. Which makes it all the more despicable when the hate-mongers such as Newt  Gingrich equate the building of a community center open to people of all faiths blocks away from the “hallowed” Ground Zero with an attack on the victims and families. Over 300 American Moslems died in the World Trade Center attack.

As Jon Stewart observed on the “Daily Show”, it is like holding a religion responsible for the actions of its biggest “a-holes”. “It is not a matter of what we can do – it is a matter of should we?” Catholics can build a church next to a playground… but SHOULD they? Jews can wear a Yarmulke on Good Friday (the day they successfully killed our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ), but SHOULD they?”

The truth is that Moslems are building a Community Center with a Culinary School and Basketball courts, blocks away from the World Trade Center site, and a shorter distance to an already existing Mosque that has been in the neighborhood since before the Trade Center was even built! The Center would be open to people of all faiths. Anyone who objects to this is a simply a bigot, and we all need to speak out when they come for our fellow Americans – including Moslem Americans.


7 Responses to “First They Came For …”

  1. Jim says:

    Extremely interesting revelation. I had no idea that the structure which is being constructed was a community center and that a Mosque aready existed in the neighborhood. It is unfortuante that this has not been reported or if it has it has been glossed over. Every discussion I have heard on this issue never mentioned that it was a community center that is under consideration for construction. It is pathetic how the hate filled undits are able to monopolize the dissementation of fraudulent news. I hope that yhou are able to get on one of the local radio shows and tell our beloved talk show spinmasters that it is a community center that the Islamic community wants to build,

  2. Its politics time in the US when a lot of idiots get a voice.
    If you guys do not re elect Obama you will prove how rotten US politics are!

    Your 50 states need to be UNITED- they are virtual enemies!

    If you want to run the world you had better begin at home..

  3. You made some excellent points regarding the Ground Zero mosque controversy, which as a matter of American values, shouldn’t be a controversy at all.

    Changing the subject, in light of your recent announcement that you’ll be running for mayor of Detroit in 2013, if you go to the website provided, you can check out some comments I’ve made about your decision.

  4. Clotortle says:

    Hi fellas!

    I’ve just signed up fiegertime.wordpress.com and wanna say hi to all the guys/gals of this board!

  5. Frank Cusumano says:

    Well said. Sometimes you put your finger right on it. Maybe after 10 years we should start ending our global war against an enemy which will never be defeated; an Orwellian state of perpetual war.

  6. Patricia Jankowski says:

    It amazes me that Americans could be disturbed by some people of the Islam faith that want to construct a building near the no-longer-there World Trade Center.

    It amazes me, first of all, because of the many and very significant contributions that Moslems have made to America in areas such as engineering, medicine, science, music and others.

    It also amazes me that people would be upset after many unscrupulous Americans who are not of the Islam faith have robbed all of us blind on Wall Street.

    This really makes me wonder a lot about the priorities of some Americans.

    It’s ok for Americans to put other Americans in the poorhouse, but it’s not ok for some Moslems to build a community center near a spot where some insane radical terrorists destroyed two huge buildings and killed quite a number of people of various faiths?

    Seems to me the critics of the community center may as well have helped the radicals fly the plane into the buildings, since their ideologies are, in reality, so similar.

  7. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I personally am against building a religious institution– of any kind– near Ground Zero for the same reason I would be against building a church next to a bombed abortion clinic. While it is true that in some ways America caused the 9/11 attacks, the way they were conducted had everything to do with religion. The last words before the attackers crashed into the buildings were “Praise Allah.” And more importantly, they honestly and sincerely thought they were going to survive their own deaths which is what gave them the courage to do what they did. Had they, for example, done what was attempted in 1993 (driving a car with a bomb into the building and then leaving), I might feel differently. But this attack was for God, for people who thought they were going to get the ultimate reward.

    While it’s true that most Muslims– and Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc.– are not “bad” people and are probably “good” people, it’s IN SPITE of their religion and not BECAUSE of it. How do they decide which bits from their holy books to take literally and which to dismiss? Since there are some horrific “morals” in the Koran, Bible, etc. alongside good ones, they’re obviously using other criteria for making moral judgments. In some perverse way, I actually have more respect for the fundamentalists because at least they’re consistent with their beliefs.

    That said, I want to make it clear that I in no way would protest the community center at Ground Zero. It is only my opinion that it is disrespectful to build a religious institution there, but I don’t think it’s my right to tell them that they can’t. Besides, the people who are against it probably are racist, Sarah Palin-loving, Bush-worshipping bigots. I always thought it would be better to build an Arab cultural center there, completely divorced from religion. That way it could raise consciousness about racism (and it is here; after 9/11 people were saying that Arabs have no right living in this country!) without invoking religion, which is really another discussion altogether.


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