Your Rights Under Attack

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Young has recommended that the State eliminate dozens of Judgeships, primarily in the Detroit area and the Upper Peninsula. The rationale is that the State can save nearly $2 million, which ought to be the first clue that money has nothing to do with the recommendation. When has a Judge taken on the Legislature’s role of budgeting? The real issue many suspect is the continuing attack upon theright to have access to the Courts and the right to a trial by a jury of peers. Why would we reduce the number of Judges in one of the busiest jurisdictions in the State, if not to further overburden the docket and delay or deny justice for the people?

For years now I have been warning of the increasing influence of the Chamber of Commerce and money from Big Business in electing judges who essentially act as agents for corporations and insurance companies. 20 years ago it was extremely rare for judges to reverse jury verdicts, where it is fairly common now when the verdict is in favor of a victim and against a corporation. 20 years ago lawyers were allowed to conduct voir dire to assure that their clients would get a fair jury. Now judges routinely prebent attorneys any meaningful voir dire. I could go on and on with the changes we have seen in Michigan and across the Country that have made it increasingly difficult for the ordinary citizen to get civil justice, although I still believe that for the most part our judiciary remains a fair and open refuge for victims to seek justice. However, more and more attorneys in Michigan find themselves defending the integrity of the system as well as the rights of their clients.

I know I will continue to defend and protect the system and encourage every citizen to do the same. Without access to a fair and impartial justice system, people face the choice of acting illegally or simply accepting injustice. I love the Law and I care deeply about every client I represent.  I will not hesitate to protect both of them.

One Response to Your Rights Under Attack

  1. Jim says:

    This is another attempt to make it more difficult for the citizenry to have access to government and the protection government should provide to the populous.

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