Leadership II

After seeing a few interviews of GOP “leaders” in the past week, I have to wonder if there really is an a conspiracy to poison not just our politics but our society as well.

After a deranged woman interrupted Congress last week with the psychotic blathering of a “birther”, House “leader” Boehner was asked if he would tell his lunatic birther members in the GOP caucus to knock it off.

He responded by saying he believed that President Obama was born a U.S. citizen was a fact, but that he would not speak with his “birthers” because that is their opinion and they have a right to their opinion.

A leader can distinguish between opinion and  fact and speak out against lies.

Since the shootings in Tuscon, a bevy of GOP “leaders” have been asked if comments such as Rep. Bachman saying she wanted all Minnesotans to be “armed and dangerous”, or Palin’s gun sight targeting of Democratic Congresspersons were irresponsible.

Not one GOP “leader” would state the obvious and condemn the irresponsible words and actions of these people.

There is no connection that we know of at this time between Palin’s targeting of Rep. Giffords (although Ms. Giffords predicted what would happen). But given this Country’s history of political violence, the rifle target was immature and irresponsible.

Silence in the face of wrongdoing is the same as condoning it. That is why we should suspect the intent of the GOP leadership.


14 Responses to Leadership II

  1. sophie says:

    In a country rife with mass shootings and untreated mentally ill people roaming freely about, a person aspiring to attain the highest political office in the land, has a responsibility to ALL of it’s citizens, not just the members of his or her party. To the liberty, freedom and protection of all, and not at the cost of civilian life.

    Our volunteer military is there to bear arms for us. Political rhetoric should not be encouraging individual citizens to take the law into their own hands by using gun, military and violent metaphors.

    Our country is based upon democracy. The way our country is run is based upon voting, not pointing a gun to get your way.

    Too often politicians accuse their opponents of being traitors and treasonous. Our people are not our enemy. Unpopular laws are not forced down our collective throats against our will with gun in hand.

    This nasty rhetoric has to stop. I do believe that Loughner was influenced by Palin. He was obsessed with a woman who publicized that Palin had put her in the crosshairs of a gun sight. No doubt Loughner saw the statement Giffords made against this graphic. This would either forward him to Palin’s site or on it’s own, give him justification to take her out. He’d wanted to for a long time and did not act on it until after Giffords brought it out to the forefront. Who’s to say that if Palin had NOT done this, these people would still be alive? I firmly believe that to be the case.

  2. Jim says:

    You are being very diplomatic in your comments about Palin and the “Gun Sights” My first reaction when I saw that idiocy was “just what we need some jackass to insight a deranged indvidual to follow up on her suggestion”.

  3. Tim says:

    Loughner was a-political and didn’t even vote in the last presidential election. You “believe” he was influenced by Palin, yet there is no evidence of that. You comment about the crosshairs yet you fail to mention (or don’t know) that democrats used targets on a map, just like Sarah Palin did. Your predisposition against conservatives is rediculous and you should retract your statements. This kind of crazy talk is what fuels lunatics to shoot people.

  4. rod patrick says:

    I’m unsure of the meaning of your newest ad. Are you saying that Americans should not have the right to keep and bear arms? In the next statement beneath this one you are talking about Americans rights being threatned and that’s exactly what you propose for our 2nd amendment rights. The shooter in Az could have gotten a gun anywhere and you know it. The so called system let another one slip through the cracks and now they are calling to remove my ability to defend against someone else just like him. Not to mention the growing threat of a corrupt government facing exactly the same self destruction as the former Soviet Union. I’ve lost all respect for you and you should feel nothing but shame.

  5. DJStuCrew says:

    We’re a country that owes its existence to firearms in the hands of its people. Our verbiage is rife with firearms metaphors: lock, stock and barrel; pulled the trigger; targeting [insert problem here] and on and on. I suspect these criticisms to be more politics than addressing a real problem. I’m more concerned with groups like the so-called “operation rescue,” and their “wanted dead or alive” posters of doctors who participate in LEGAL abortions. They’ve been complicit in outright MURDER and no one has taken them on. Yet we’re wringing our hands about the hockey mom ex-governor? I’m all for more civil discourse, but how about some intellectual honesty, or at least perspective?

  6. Timothy Martin says:

    I am a Canadian and I like the USA. I like the people and I like visiting the country. There are so many similar aspects to our two countries–we are fortunate to be neighbours.

    I do, however, worry about the future of the Union and the majority of Americans who abhore violence, given the culture of voilence that cannot be moderated due to the fact that the right to keep and bear arms is entrenched in the Constitution. We in Canada have our own violent incidents as well, but for the most part I believe that violence is not an entrenched part of the culture.

  7. DJStuCrew says:

    @Timothy Martin — As a life-long Detroiter who has spent a lot of time in Canada, not to mention being in regular contact with plenty of Canadians, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this at length. At first I thought as you do, wondering what was wrong with us here in the States when Canadians own a lot of guns, too, and yet don’t have as much “gun violence.” Yet it was Canadians who turned me around on this idea: America has ten times the population of Canada and we’re packed into a smaller area. Big cities, like Toronto, are now experiencing similar levels of crime because the drug gangs are now becoming a problem. In short, it’s not a “culture of violence” as much as it is a human nature and crime problem. Most shootings are crime related, and the few that aren’t, such as domestic violence, etc., seem to show no national preferences.

    Lastly, you seem to have a false correlation between guns and violence, yet this is a non-sequitur; guns are to violence what a fire extinguisher is to a house fire. They’re a piece of emergency equipment to be used when violence, like fire, erupts. That said violence is sometimes perpetrated by a person misusing a gun strongly suggests that a gun is the only possible response to such an attack. This is why cops carry guns. People ask me why I carry a gun, and my favorite response is, “Because a cop won’t fit into my holster.” Police can’t be everywhere and usually arrive AFTER the crime. They’ll outline your body and take photos. Having a gun makes that possibility less likely. Like any sane person, I hope the only use my guns ever see is at the range punching holes in paper or knocking down bowling pins. But I’m prepared. 🙂

  8. Kevin Wyson says:

    if your last commercial was for gun control (2/15/11), you just lost a lot of votes if you run for any office………..it’s called 2nd ammendment rights.

  9. gary angus says:

    geof if guns kill than pencils must miss spell words apperently that how your liberal mind must work.i used to like u but your justanother jerk what band wagon are trying to grt onthis time.mayer of detroit?u wont get my voteor the other 1200people i can convince .instead of wasting your money on comerials give it to the soup kitchens and leave my 2nd amendiment rights alone.replie if u hav the balls.i hope there are no misspelled words in this letter but if there are it must be the computer fault.

  10. jim says:

    I saw your commercial regarding people being killed by firearms.My perception of your ad is that you are anti-gun.Giving your history and back ground as a defender of all peoples rights,I thought you would support my constitutional 2nd amendment right to keep and bare arms.Or do you pick and choose which rights you support?Also the numbers you sight of people being killed by a gun,no information was provided of the number of these killings, were by someone who obtained the gun illegally.Also law abiding citizens should not be punished for the illegal acts comitted by persons who comit these crimes,just as innocent citizens should not be punished for people who have killed other people while drunk driving. Automobiles kill more people everyday than guns. Do we ban all automobiles because they kill people?Driving a car is a privilage,not a constituional right like the 2nd amendent.Your mentor and hero,the late senator Ted Kennedy,killed more innocent people with his car than I have with a gun(which is no one).So when you give up your driving privilages and make cars illegal to own,maybe I’ll give thought to giving up my right to keep and bare arms(never going to happen).I don’t count on the government or the police to protect me or my family.When you take away my right to self protection,then I am no longer a free man.But then again,isn’t this the aim of all liberals and the liberal government?If I am wrong about you being anti gun,let me know,better yet be a man and state your position.Forget inuendo’s in a commercial.

  11. Timothy Martin says:

    DJStuCrew: I think your reply has supported my view that guns are part of the culture in America. I say that without prejudice. But if you think that there is anything normal about packing a pistol, you need to convince Canada, Europe and the rest of the civilized world that guns are a useful and normal part of the average person’s wardrobe.

  12. robert cohen says:

    I have seen your TV ads regarding the numbers of murders by guns. I am assuming that you are for some kind of gun control. If I am correct tell me how I can get involved. Thank you.

  13. DJStuCrew says:

    @Timothy Martin – There’s an old adage that says, “You never need a gun, but when you DO need a gun, then you need it more than anything in the world!” The gist is that guns are, for the most part, useless. (I know the hunters and sport shooters, who have more participants than the PGA, will take issue with this!) But when it’s your LIFE that is being threatened, then that gun is more important than anything else you own.

    The “average person” can become an “average victim” at any time. We generally applaud those who prepare! We encourage people to keep fire extinguishers handy and practice evacuation drills. We encourage people to keep first aid kits in their cars, at home and at work. Fires and injuries aren’t common, but they DO happen. CPR classes are never ridiculed, even though it’s statistically unlikely that you’ll ever need to administer the Heimlich maneuver or do chest compressions on someone.

    Yet we know that a violent crime happens every 22 seconds in America. We see a constant parade of assault, murder and violence on our TV news. We know that we’re MORE likely to be assaulted than die in a house fire. Yet somehow GUNS are BAD???

    People who ridicule gun owners probably play the lottery, too, because they’re bad at math. If you really check out the numbers, you’ll find that guns are used 4 to 6 times more often to STOP a criminal attack then to commit one. You’ll also see empirically that CCW permit holders are far more responsible with their firearms than even police, and are the least likely people to be involved in a “gun crime.” But to some people, the idea that guns are bad is a RELIGION, and no amount of data is going to convince them. This goes for Canada and Europe.

    If you want a dose of reality, then look to the police. Ever wonder why, whenever some gun control scheme is proposed, they want to be exempt? Because NONE OF THEM WORK. Even the best intentioned gun controls have serious unintended consequences. Remember the 5-day waiting period? I wonder if Mr. Fieger ever defended a husband who killed his wife while they were involved in a divorce proceeding? This spiked during the 5-day law, because women were killed while waiting for their right to self-defense.

    Police want to be exempt from magazine capacity limits. They know that, if someone is really trying to KILL you, your skills and training can go out the window and your survival might depend on compensating for this. They also know that criminals travel in multiples. And guess what? THIS IS NO DIFFERENT FOR THE REST OF US.

    Self-defense is a human right, recognized in the U.S. Constitution in what we call the Bill of Rights. (Not the Bill of Privileges.) For tens of thousands of us, perhaps millions, “packing a pistol” is indeed a normal part of life. Being a proven overall benefit, why shouldn’t it be?

  14. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “A leader can distinguish between opinion and fact and speak out against lies.”


    “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” – Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

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