Socialism for the Capitalist, and Capitalism for the Rest of Us.

Family budgets reflect what our priorities are, what we value as a society, and what we hope for in the future.  Some families can barely afford the necessities, but they still sacrifice to save for their children’s education. I remember my parents trying to strike a careful balance between what we needed as a family and what we wanted. For example, vacations were something considered only after the necessities and savings for future needs were met. We’ve all been there, which is what makes the Federal Budget process so, well … disappointing.

As a Nation, we are lending money interest free to the richest and taking heating fuel, shelter and food away from the poorest. Instead of fixing some very bad plumbing known as the Defense budget, we are continuing to budget money for increased water bills. And then there’s that expensive little vacation in exotic Afghanistan…

Dr. Martin Luther King, perhaps the greatest moral character in American politics, put it best when he said “A nation that continues to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” 1

When we spend more money on giving millionaires tax breaks or on interest free loans to Wall Street Banks than we do on educating our children, or making sure that the most vulnerable people in our society have basic necessities such as food and shelter, then we have become a spiritually sick society.

1          Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, 1967.

8 Responses to Socialism for the Capitalist, and Capitalism for the Rest of Us.

  1. Michael Sullivan says:

    While I haven’t always agreed with some of your tactics with the law,I’m so with you on the matter of gun crimes in America. I lost my brother 16 years to a gun crime and still feel the effects of it every day.
    Plainly put,either the 2nd Admendment needs to be repealed or the gun industry MUST be held accountable.
    I don’t understand why a tire company,a car company or even Big Tabacco can be sued and have to pay while the gun makers silently pay billions to the NRA and other lobbyists and pay zero.
    If you are going to mount a legal challenge to this,I like to be the first one to volunteer to do whatever you need to press this forward. I too,agree that its so pathetic to wring our hands over a mass shooting and ZERO to change things….I like to help be a difference…

  2. Angela says:

    Thanks for the ad calling attention to gun-related violence. Our elected leaders avoid this topic like the plague, which is truly disappointing. I applaud your willingness to go out on a limb on this critical issue. Maybe you will spur a much-needed discussion. Or better yet, maybe you could litigate the NRA into oblivion!

  3. Jim says:

    Your commentary is interesting and very tiemly given that the Governor just submitted his budget to the legislature. The budget along with the nearly ten anti labor union bills that have been introduced by the Republicans is right out of the play book of the Business Leaders for Michigan that stellar group that keeps pontificating that lowering taxes and making Michigan more competitive will bring and create jobs in our state. Wisconsin is the beginning of a new Civil War. The GOP has an agenda to reverse nearly 60 years of Social progress. Big money is creating enormous social and economic divisions in this country.

  4. Shelly Pluchino says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I wish to share my comment on the importance of education for our children. Our State currently educates the mentally handicapped until the age of 26. Our new Governor wants to change this to age 21. I hear the argument that we are one of the few States to educate until age 26. My response would be that is because we are a forward thinking State and realize the importance of educating this population to be self-sufficient and not rely on State programs. My son who is 21 years old has a right to an education. Our family plan includes this education and my son will be devastated. He knows his program and needs to complete the last 4 years and most importantly the last year which works on living alone in an apartment. Any simpleton knows it takes longer to educate a mentally disabled individual. So why discrimate against the mentally impaired, lets go in and tell a junior high student that we are cutting back their education . . . no more school, they are on their own. Of course this would be absurd, as it would be to stop educating my son.

  5. Lorin Kummer says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,

    Keep speaking truth to power. It is refreshing and hopeful. I have a request. Can you help Grandparents who have given up their own retirement years to raise their children’s off-spring for many reasons; including abandonment, incarceration, addiction, Etc. Only to be rewarded for their years of sacrifice by the parent(s) reappearing and claiming parental rights to the child(ren) and often severing ties with the very family members who have taken daily care of their child(ren.)Sometimes for many years. Sometimes since birth. This harms the child(ren) and the grandparents. Yet,time and again Grandparents lose their grandchildren at the whim of often unstable and unreliable parents, only to be sought out again to be caretakers, sometimes by the court: if the parent abandons again, abuses again, becomes addicted again, etc. Sir, Can you help to direct many heartbroken grandparents on how we can gain some right to maintain relationships with our grandchildren? Most of us do not have the financial means to hire and pay for an attorney and court costs. Is there any way we can change the laws in Michigan to help Grandparents! Others have tried but they have failed. Looking for guidance, Lorin Kummer

  6. guliana bojkovski says:

    i can tell you i know two sets of grandparents who dont derserve rights. One set which is on his family side took my daughter from me and will not let me see her. they wont even let her sisters see her or even talk to her and we didnt do anything wrong to her. they went to the court and claimed i was the unfit parent guess who was the unfit parent not me and i proved it and all the judge did is turn my evidence away like it meant nothing they decided to use the court system and take my baby girl away from me. while she was in there home she got sexually assaulted by her father and he was posting it on the internet he has sentencing this month. she was a baby when all this happened to her and because i cant afford a lawyer and everyone telling me im sorry but i cant help you my daughter will never know about her mother or sisters because these grandpartents are selfish and greedy and dont care about what they are doing to my child. everytime i try to see her or call her im being told you have no rights to her and shes adopted the only thing im guilty of is that im not rich but i can provide everything my daughters need. the other set is my parents and i quaratee you when there is mircle and i find someone to help me get my baby girl home where she should be they will never see her all they care about is how it looks like on there repuation. they dont deserve to be grandparents all 5 of them. my family is suffering because of these people and no one is seeing or caring what it is doing to my baby girl she is know 6 yrs old the last time we saw her or held her in my arms she under one. you wanna tell me why they deserve rights i can tell you why they dont because becuase of these grandparents selfishness my baby paid and continue to pay the price and im supposed to think that everyone gets justice in this country what about the justice being done to my home to our lives. i blame myself because i dont have thousands lying around for a lawyer to bring my child home.

  7. Mike McKee says:

    I’d like to thank you for making clear on Detroit TV this morning that the Dems are powerless because the Corporate state has bought them off. They might have the rhetoric but the money they make has given them a stake in corporate business they will not give now. I hope somehow, we will wake up and stand up. Business has no business making law. Good people keep asking ‘how did we ever get this way’ when, deep down, they already know. Thanks again.

    Mike McKee

  8. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “Dr. Martin Luther King, perhaps the greatest moral character in American politics, put it best when he said “A nation that continues to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.””

    Except we aren’t even spending it on military DEFENSE. We are spending it on military OFFENSE, and that’s the problem.


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