Eve of Destruction

Viewing the scenes of destruction in Japan and the unfolding nuclear disaster reminded me of the old 60’s classic by Barry McGuire “Eve of Destruction”. This past month GOP Congressmen passed resolutions blocking any reference to the science of global warming, blocked funding for natural disaster warnings and preparedness and, blocked funding for green energy alternatives.  This is the same month when we can view scenes of a country not destroyed by a 9.0 earthquake but by the force of a Tsunami and in the midst of a nuclear disaster.

No reputable scientist denies the reality of global climate change, and the disaster wrought in the near future by the melting ice caps and Greenland glaciers. Imagine a world with oceans a foot higher – the destructive force of much more intense storms let alone Tsunamis. You won’t have to imagine long as the most recent data from studies of the polar icecaps prove that they are melting at a much faster rate than previously measured. In the next FEW YEARS it is likely that the entire North Pole Ice Cap will melt completely. Fresh water altering the salinity of the oceans even slightly will have catastrophic effects on ocean life form from fish to plants. Yet even as we see a clear increase in the severity and frequency of storms worldwide oil companies continue to call the shots in Congress.

Commercial media continues to act as shills for the oil and nuclear power industries as I listen to pundit after pundit repeat the lie that “every energy source has inherent dangers to the environment.” Really? Wind and solar power pose as grave a danger to the environment as coal, oil and nuclear?

Oh, and while we are it… as the song says “the Eastern world – it is explodin’… violence flarin’, bullets laodin’…”

5 Responses to Eve of Destruction

  1. Mr. Feiger, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your new opinion-commercial on 9.50 AM Radio. I support much of what you support. Guns kill, there really isn’t a relevant argument beyond that.
    The website listed above is frequented by people who also share many of your views. I am not rich, famous or influential… but I stand for some things and I stand firm on them.

    Thank you for being the same!


  2. sandraz says:

    “Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace!”

    Wow – haven’t heard that song in years but it’s one of my favorites. Like so many things wrong in the world, hypocrisy makes my blood boil.

    I came here via your website – hoping to throw myself on your mercy to help in a stupid dispute but this post reminded me that there are so many bigger things – Thank you for the reminder.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Leon says:


    You are the only person with a real concrete idea of how to fix Detroit. If only more people would listen. Someday people will realize that prostitution and marijuana has been around for 1000 years+ Neither will go away. Why not tax and put the money in non criminal hands. ??

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Whenever people deny the existence of global warming, I just want to shake them and say, “Hello? Anybody home in there?” I’m tired of hearing about from these people how scientists have an “agenda” (oh, right, and politician lobbyists don’t!) or whatever.

    Recently, I got into a discussion with this one global-warming denier and I mentioned how ridiculous I thought it was that so many Americans have SUVs as status symbols (Freudian much?). He said, “So you think we shouldn’t be allowed to have SUVs?” I told him, “No, I didn’t say that but it is an issue that must be discussed.” And he went on to say that the reason he has it was because it was safer for his family, that they would be more likely to survive if they got into a car accident because the vehicle is bigger. Oh, but he’s willing to put others at risk with his monster?

    I told him that I thought he was being paranoid, that in life there are no guarantees anyway. WIth that kind of thinking you might as well not go on a hike because you might fall down a waterfall to your death (I heard that someone I used to know recently died that way at age 30) or you might slip in the shower and give yourself a concussion. Then I pointed out that if the only people who had SUVs were people who really needed them (to transport large goods, etc.) then there would be fewer large vehicles and less of a risk of an accident. He said something like, “It’s not going to start with me!”

    I think in the end he just wanted his damned gas-guzzling monster.


  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I love this song. Did you know that Barry McGuire became a born-again Christian and disowned it for the longest time?

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