The Debt We Owe

One of the truly great honors and pleasure I have is to represent Veteran’s, especially disabled veterans in discrimination cases. Americans who serve in the Armed Forces today bear a greater burden than any generation before them. They have suffered through more deployments than any other American generation. A Marine or soldier who enlisted in 2001 on average, will have served over 7 years in a combat zone – longer than WWII. In one deployment in Afghanistan a pilot and crew of a Rescue Helicopter will fly more combat missions than any pilot during the entire duration of WWII!

While deployed in combat zones in Afghanistan and/or Iraq any member of the armed services knows his/her spouse and child(ren) will be faced will financial hardships in addition to the emotional stress of wondering if their loved one will be killed or wounded.  Banks and other mortgage lenders make no provision or exception for late payments due to fouled paperwork of bureaucratic delays. (Bank of America was recently found guilty of illegally foreclosing on Service members).

When wounded and disabled veterans return to the workplace they often are subject to discrimination, which boggles my mind to consider it even exists. This makes it all the more gratifying when I can help a veteran or their family gets justice. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices, and I appreciate the honor of representing them.

2 Responses to The Debt We Owe

  1. rick arceci says:

    Ever heard of Amendment 2 to the U.S. Constitution? Just saw what I think was a commercial…

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    That’s weird. I thought a lot of jobs wanted to know if you were a veteran purposely to avoid nonsense like that.

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