Dubya, Libya and Nobel

Do you ever wonder how the Nobel Peace Prize Committee feels about President Obama’s Prize now that he has involved us in a third war? Maybe they feel slightly ambivalent or embarrassed, but they shouldn’t be surprised.  To Obama’s credit, in the case of Libya he is doing exactly as he enunciated in his Nobel acceptance speech. In that speech he stated that there is a case to be made for the use of military force to prevent genocide. He said that the United States should lead, but never act alone and without the consent of the international community via the United Nations.

However, the lofty ideals of Nobel Peace Prize speeches are apparently lost in the vulgar specifics of political expedience and its selective application. There is no doubt that the political and military leadership of the United States prevented a major catastrophe in Libya. The consequences of genocide with the resultant destabilization of the fragile gains made in Tunisia and Egypt would have been global in consequence. It was a virtuoso performance for any President or world leader. For the first time in our lifetime, the US is bombing an Arab country with the permission of the world (including the Arab League) and with the gratitude of the people living in the country being bombed!

However, the thinly disguised military campaign has called into question the real motivation to act. How does one justify deploying AC-130 Gunships and A-10 Thunderbolts on a “Humanitarian” mission? Those weapons are designed specifically to do only one thing to humans, and that is decidedly not humanitarian in nature. What President Obama is doing is regime change with the wink of an eye and assurances to dictators who remain on our side (e.g. Dubai, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia). That doesn’t bode too well for Democracy movements elsewhere.

Say what you will about the utter incompetence of Dubya and his method of “regime change”, but at least he was honest about it.


4 Responses to Dubya, Libya and Nobel

  1. Someone is needed to fight the oligopolies that are taking over our economic system ans causing much pain. I need help to get the word out and who better than Fieger. Please review http://freeourfreemarkets.org and help.

  2. I’ve written before. I appreciated what you said on Fox 2 the other night. Yes, I get it and not in the prevailing context of– turning Detroit into a Red Light District, but organizing prostitution into a district with permits and medical certificates for both service providers and users. It becomes a tool for truly fighting the spread of disease from a cost controlled perspective (it’s easier to police a box then to go on safari for evil-doers) while bringing needed cash flow into the area. The same applies to Medical Marijuana. You realize that by starting up controlled (substance) farms we eliminate foreigner involvement altogether. Marijuana fiber can be used to create clothing and grows in industrial waste to gravel pits, revitalizing soil without pesticides as it does.
    What’s that… 100,000 jobs and businesses? Consider the revenue potential alone… the Detroit deficit would be GONE in two years, surplused and reviving neglected zones beginning the third year. This is good thinking. The mortgage crisis is resolved in a similar fashion. Require brick and mortar presence to originate here and no commodity sales across the borders, service it here. Bringing public records out of the Stone Age and utilizing the data positively literally targets blight and turns it into fodder for enterprise, not rental regimes.

    I’m with you. I qualified as Director for MBS paper with a certain GSE but the job went to a Goldman Sachs alumni. I’m one of the best LENDERS in America and continue to be barred from my industry (like the other 330,000 of us) since 2008. Lender, not banker or financial crook. There’s a difference.

  3. First, congratulations for going after those pimps that prostitute those young women at the “gentleman’s club.” The people in there are not gentlemen and the owners have no shame. This is not a jubgle and we should aspire to have virtues in our dealings with our fellow citizens..

    BIG NEWS, one for the people. Support the two Judges that stood up for all of us by following the law and not warping it to favor the monies elite.

    Residential Funding Co., LLC v. Saurman, ____ Mich App ____; _____ NW2nd ____, COA No. 290248 (2011)

    Ebven if you don’t post this, let your attorneys know. THIS IS HUGE.

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    My cousin Michael sarcastically wrote “I love all politicians” in the “political views” section of his profile on Facebook.

    I find it interesting how we bomb all these Arab countries for “humanitarian reasons.” If that were the case, then we wouldn’t be allied with Saudi Arabia. It’s a joke that we are, considering the nonsense that goes on over there. Oh wait. Oil. It’s all about the oil. If electric cars do take off and if we ultimately convert to wind power or something like that, or just anything that doesn’t require oil, what will our wars be about next?

    Wait, these wars ain’t about oil! It’s about freedom! We’re defending out freedom! Bill Maher did a great show called Biblically Incorrect in which he mocked Bush’s “They hate us for our freedom” shpiel. As always, Bill Maher hits the nail right on the head with brilliant delivery of his commentary on human stupidity.


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