Supreme Takeover

The ruling against women seeking class-action standing in a lawsuit against Wal-Mart by 5 Republican male Justices of the Supreme Court, as unjust and unfair as it is, was no shocker. This is the same Court that ruled that women who find out that they had been secretly discriminated against by an employer could not sue after the fact. It is the same Court that many believe, will ultimately reverse Roe v Wade. That fear may be realized, but something else is operative here besides simple misogyny. Even though the same 5 men have consistently ruled against women, their rulings can be more accurately described as pro-corporation. Women happen to be the victims in the most recent case, but the list of victims is far longer than the beneficiaries of their Robert’s Court.

It used to be that the one consistent thread that ran through Supreme Court rulings was legal precedent. However, this Supreme Court, dominated by Federalist activists, have only one truly predictive characteristic: bias in favor of Corporate interests. They have consistently ruled in favor of businesses in cases against individual victims. They essentially handed control of the Government to Corporate money with the Citizen’s United ruling last year. Some argue that next time around we are not electing a President as much as meeting the next Chairman of the Board. It’s a valid argument…

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  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I read in one article about the lawsuit that one woman asked for a promotion and her supervisor told her to “doll up” and “dust the cobwebs off” her makeup. Not only is that gender discrimination, but that is also sexual harassment. And it’s also an archaic attitude that women “have to wear makeup.” I refuse to wear it and haven’t done so since my mother made me put on lipstick at my Bat-Mitzvah in 1994. I personally think it looks stupid and that women look better without it, and I feel particularly uncomfortable wearing it as I am a bit on the androgynous side, someone who didn’t outgrow “That Tomboy Stage.”

    It’s just a stupid pervasive societal attitude that women have to spend all morning in front of a mirror making sure that not one strand of hair is out of place while men can just take a few minutes to make sure they look presentable and go to work (needless to say, I do the latter). And if their hair gets messed up during the day, it’s not the end of the world. But if a woman’s hair gets messed up, she’d better run right back to the bathroom and make sure it’s perfect or else people will think she’s a slob!

    People like to say, “Well, that’s the reality” and that “men are more visual,” and that they’re going to judge women almost exclusively based on their appearance and since they are usually the ones in power… bla bla bla. It’s stupid. It’s nonsense. It’s stupid AND it’s nonsense. Why do people generally just lay down their arms and accept the “reality?” Isn’t the answer to do some consciousness-raising training? If it is true that men are more judgmental of appearance (and it may be true- research has shown that evolution selected visual thinking skills in men more than women but, of course, like anything else, nature produces variety!), then isn’t the answer to provide training for consciousness raising? Aren’t we already doing that as an attempt to overcome racial biases? Why not do such training in other ways too? Why should hard working people who don’t fit a standard mold (or who are just not perfect) have to suffer because those in charge refuse to think for more than a nanosecond? Also, studies have shown that taller people are more likely to get promoted because subconsciously people see them as more “powerful.” Imagine the uproar if people started suggesting to their friends/family to take growth hormones to get that promotion!

    Incidentally, I worked for an abusive boss in 2004. It was my first job, and this psycho threw papers at me, called black people the “N” word, and underpaid black people. I found out that 2 years later (I only worked there for 6 months, which was actually a record because nobody was willing to put up with him for long) a class-action lawsuit was filed against him for racial and sexual discrimination and he lost. Of course, he was a small business so of course he lost– he couldn’t keep paying litigation costs! I wonder what would have happened had Wal-Mart done the same thing. What’s hilarious is that he claimed that the lawsuit contained “a lot of falsehoods.” Idiot. Here’s the story:


  2. Unfortunate, and true. And its not just a simple DEM v. GOP paradigm – that is a trap. Many Republicans are upset that true conservatism is an empty hypocritical talking point. Likewise, the Clintons sold out the working middle class with NAFTA. Read John R MacArthur’s “The Selling of ‘Free Trade’: Nafta, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy” Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul both have criticized corporatism and the takeover of the GOP and they are portrayed as “kooks.” Read Buchanan’s “The Great Betrayal” – you can buy it on for about $1.

    Meanwhile, Wall Street owns BOTH parties. Fieger mentioned this years ago on this blog and his disappointment with Obama’s appointment of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers to head the “reform.”

    Meanwhile, here in Michigan, the Mackinac Center produces a never ending flow of one-sided “research” papers posing as scholarly works but really run of the mill corporate/insurance industry propaganda.

    Obama is not even the same public persona who campaigned on ending the wars and regulating Wall Street and the Big Banks. Do they put something in the food in the White House? The remaining banks are bigger now than before. Rent the documentary “Inside Job.”

    If this country was all about enriching one’s self and not the common-good, then George Washington would have just made himself King. So, at some point, we have lost our way.

    Dave Brooks summed it up in his recent editorial in the NYT:

    “The scandal [Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac] has sent the message that the leadership class is fundamentally self-dealing. *** It has sent the message that we have hit the moment of demosclerosis. Washington is home to a vertiginous tangle of industry associations, activist groups, think tanks and communications shops. These forces have overwhelmed the government that was originally conceived by the founders. The final message is that members of the leadership class have done nothing to police themselves. The Wall Street-Industry-Regulator-Lobbyist tangle is even more deeply enmeshed.

    Read more:

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I’m actually surprised that the latest blog entry wasn’t about the legalization of gay marriage in my fair state, New York! That’s a victory against the Republicans. Interestingly enough, some Republicans stepped forward and said that they voted for gay marriage, one declaring that it was his duty to do so. Pressure from NYC, perhaps?

  4. sbanicki says:

    This has nothing to do with the posting. Jeff, you have the largest gonads of any attorney I know. Why are you not starting class action suits against mortgage lenders for all the wrongs that they have done. They are back on top earning big bucks again while millions of Americans are suffering for their wrong doing. Are your gonads wilting because of old age?

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