Chicken Little

I suspect that many of you are getting just as tired of the doomsday scenarios coming from the political-media complex as I am. The exhausting experience of the debt ceiling “crisis” and now the “world economy is about to collapse” themes are intended to capture our attention and keep us there. Politicians want power and the media want an audience, thus the offspring of the military-industrial complex: the political-media complex.
Just as the military-industrial complex was spawned by the immoral quest for money at the expense of humanity and animated primarily by generating fear, so it is with the political-media complex: fear is its lifeblood. It’s all about fear, creating a crisis driven by fear. And it’s all an illusion. Every week they come up with another reason to be afraid: terrorists, economy, deficits, floods, recalls, etc., etc., etc.
Fear can be a powerful force; it can take your soul. It can cause lunatics to be elected to Congress; it can cause people to accept violations of their Constitutional rights. I see fear all the time in the courtroom among jurors afraid to do justice for the victim of medical malpractice – the fear that somehow or other any compensation to a victim will affect their own insurance premiums or access to medical care. I see lawyers afraid to go to trial negotiate paltry settlements. I see lawyers too afraid to speak out against the corruption of our justice system by Big Business.
Not me. As FDR famously stated: “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”


4 Responses to Chicken Little

  1. J. E. Sikora says:

    The Patriot Act, The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, TARP, the list goes on and on, all sold to the public through FEAR!

    How many times did Bush raise the debt limit without controversy? Did S&P cut the US Credit Rating to make sure Obama is a 1 term president as well?

    Government and Corporations working together for even more powerful “Scare Tactics”!

  2. In Boston, Philadelphhia, and New York, in the late 18th century there were people that went along. They did not want to make trouble. They were afraid of the King of England, and his soldiers so they did not speak up. They kept quiet. There were others who clung to first principles of liberty, justice and freedom. They decided to throw off the yoke of oppression. Some had their homes taken and the British used them as stables. One signer of the Declaration of Independence died of exposure after having to flee his house. Today, we call them patriots. They included George Washington who, after the war, shocked the world when did not make himself King. So I guess the United States wasn’t always about enriching oneself to the detriment of the Republic and your fellow citizens.

    I recently said to a teacher – first they did it to the lawyers, and now they are doing it to you. She said, “yeah, all of a sudden we are evil.” As a nation we are being conditioned and propagandized. Unions are evil, we are told. Social spending is too high. And high taxes on the rich (“job creators”) is the reason why we are not competitive in the global economy. Well it is, of course, all hogwash. Look at Germany. Germany has 65% in unions. The US has 11%. Germany spends 30% on social spending. The US spends 18% (soon to be less) per year. The top tax rate in Germany is 50% and the US is 35%. And guess what, Germany has the no. 2 best exports to import trade balance in the world. The United States is the biggest debtor nation in the world, thanks to Wall Street, the Mega Banks, and “Free Trade.” Germany was no. 1 up until last year as the trading champion of the world. So, obviously, the “reasons” for our economic collapse is not because of the Chamber of Commerce’s litany of falsities.

    So, we are told, even though we are economically dying, that we should continue down the same path. Lower taxes for the ultra rich, more “free Trade” rather than Sane Trade, and more power to the bankers. In other words, even though you are getting sicker, keep taking the same medicine. The doctor is making more money because he is keeping you sick, but don’t question his motives. In fact, the doctor will kill you with his poison to make himself rich beyond comprehension, but just shut up and keep taking this medicine – damn it. This is premeditated murder. In the context of the economy and national security, it is treason. At some point, you should see another doctor and the first doctor should be arrested. After all the fraud on Wall Street – not a single charge against a banker. But they will chase Fieger on flimsy campaign contribution issues.

    There is and can be only one absolute truth. The people in control of the media apparatus mean to do you, your family’s income, your family’s cost of living, your health, and constitutional rights harm for their profit. Being nice, quiet and docile… well, how far has that gotten you over the last 30 years? Speak out.

    Look at what Fieger has been put through. It doesn’t matter what the law is, the Courts do what they want and work backwards to justify their policy result. If you don’t believe it, just ask an attorney, any attorney, about what is happening in Michigan. It is ridiculous. Even the most hard core lawyers and prosecutors blush at the stilted and lopsided opinions flowing from the Court against individual rights against insurance companies, the government and corporations.

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Good blog post!

    A song we sang at my secular Jewish summer camp when I was a kid…

    כל העולם כולו”
    גשר צר מאוד
    והעיקר, והעיקר
    לא לפחד, לא לפחד כלל”

    Roughly, it means (at least according to Google translator, as I can read Hebrew only in the phonetic sense!):

    “The whole world is a narrow bridge.
    Most importantly, and most importantly
    No fear, no fear at all.”

    The (partial) English translation we sang went like this:

    “But the main thing to recall
    Is to have no, have no fear at all.
    But the main thing to recall
    Is to have no fear at all!”

    It is one of my favorite songs about courage, mostly because of its simplicity.


  4. Jim says:

    I had an older brother who once told me what our father told him and it was excatly as you have opined in this blog. The forces that are able, love to generate fear so that the folks in our country always live on the edge of a cliff.

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