Idiot Wind

All Irene – all the time.  That’s what we heard from cable news stations all weekend and it’s pretty tiresome. Cable news exploits fear. They take an issue and with relentless hyperbole speculate on how devastating the next disaster will be until the event actually occurs and nothing remotely close to what they predict happens. We were told that Irene could cause 6 foot sea swells in Manhattan, knocking out the subways and transit system while 100 mph winds would pound skyscrapers causing giant shards of glass to rain down onto the streets. It turns out that the biggest gusts of winds were coming from the cable news pundits.

We’ve talked before about how the politico-media complex creates and exploits fear for profit and power. It is a very destructive influence in our society. Fear is a parasite that feeds on itself and destroys the soul. I am not saying we should ignore warnings or not take practical steps to protect our families from natural disasters. I am saying that we should turn off the hysterical droning of cable news pundits who endlessly speculate about how the world will end… and maybe listen to a little Bob Dylan’s “Idiot Wind.” It’s a wonder that they still know how to breathe!.


2 Responses to Idiot Wind

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Of course! I was actually hoping to see something interesting in Irene. Not something dangerous, of course, but something a little more interesting than heavy rain. I stayed up all night waiting for the hurricane to come and nothing happened. I was planning on videotaping it and dubbing it with angry God voices to make it look like it was the beginnings of the Rapture™. You know, the event that was supposed to happen on May 21st but was postponed until October 21st! At any rate, there was a tree down on my block (I’m in southern Brooklyn, a few miles from Coney Island!) but that’s it.

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I’m actually surprised there isn’t a blog post here about the warnings about 9/11/11.


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