When President Obama backed down on his request to speak to a joint session of Congress on a jobs bill I felt exasperated. For the first time in the history of the Country, the leader of the House of Representatives refused to invite the President at his request – and on an obviously false excuse. It was not only an insult to Mr. Obama, it was an insult to the Office of the President. I just can’t accept the style of leadership President Obama exhibits.

President Obama does lead, and not always by consensus. He made the right decision in Libya (it seems) and the right decision to get bin Laden. However, there are times when leadership style has to change to accomplish a mission. Simply making the right decision is not enough. You have to convince and inspire people to follow you as well. I seriously doubt that the war in Afghanistan is the right decision, but there is no doubt that President Obama has failed to inspire or convince Americans that it is worth the cost. There are also times when confrontation is necessary, and this is where I fear the President lacks what it takes. Yes, I know people think of me as too confrontational, but confrontations make the issues clear and produce clear choices for people.

Sen. Mitch McConnell made it very clear early on that the GOP will not follow President Obama wherever he leads, and he has proven this fact over and over again. The GOP leadership is less the “loyal opposition” as they are obstructionists who have hurt the Country. Even when the President offers their own policy suggestions, they refuse and force even more radical concessions. As the result, every attempt at compromise ultimately appears to be capitulation. Union leadership knows that confrontation is necessary and they are fighting for their lives (and the welfare of all workers) without leadership from the President.

Are we a ship without a captain?

One Response to Leadership

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “Yes, I know people think of me as too confrontational, but confrontations make the issues clear and produce clear choices for people.”

    People aren’t confrontational enough. I could go on for hours about that but I’ll spare readers another chapter of War and Peace.

    But I will say that I’m just becoming more and more disillusioned to how non-thinking and compliant the average person is. Someone recently told me I’m a deep thinker and that I’m an “intense” person. I’m not saying this to brag; it is just what somebody told me. I responded by saying that I cannot imagine being otherwise, that being “typical”– worrying incessantly about the same old predictable stuff like dating, marrying, having kids, and all the other fill-in-the-blanks aspects of life without noticing let alone thinking about more profound issues– sounds like a miserable, empty existence. But it seems that it’s these fill-in-the-blanks people who see that as the only path to take in life are content because they don’t know any better. And they are the ones who, in essence, call the shots in this country, in this world. That’s why we have superficial definitions of Morality™ and why so many people don’t see what the real moral problems are, ones that are being perpetuated by the Government™. Does what I’m saying make sense? I’m not sure if I explained it well…

    My cousin thinks that the Republicans are not taxing the rich because they want to keep the economy bad so they will be more likely to get elected in 2012 (any way the wind blows, as this non-thinking country is… if a Democrat didn’t solve the problem Bush created, by default we must get a Republican!) and save the day, so to speak. I am hesitant to believe in conspiracy theories, but at this point nothing would surprise me anymore. I wonder how many Republicans are sociopaths?


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