Who’s In Charge?

While listening to President Obama yesterday, I was struck by the many contradictions between theman giving the speech and the actions of his administration. Don’t get me wrong, I supported President Obama and will in the next election. I remembered a speech he made against “regime change” and “nation building”, and here we are engineering regime change in Libya and nation-building in Afghanistan. I heard speeches about “Wall Street Insiders” and see more Wall St. insiders in his administration than President Bush.  Maybe the most enigmatic of all, I remembered a speech about “transparency in government”, yet his administration has already prosecuted more whistle-blowers in three years that all Administrations before him.

The list can go on and on, so I wonder: who is in charge there? Does President Obama relegate so much that he is clueless as to what they are doing, or is there a different man who sits in the White House?  Is there a man behind the curtain? Can it be that we just wanted to hope so much that we have been blinded to some major faults? I don’t know about that, but I do know this: President Obama at his worst is far better for working families than any of the GOP candidates running right now.

BTW, wish you would have voted for Hillary now?

3 Responses to Who’s In Charge?

  1. sbanicki says:

    I too supported Obama, however he is his own enemy.

    Obama promised change. Action speaks louder than words!.

    He promised health care reform and let Washington fight over the issue for a year before he got into the fray. He did nothing to reduce the control of the industry by the oligopoly that runs it and he did not sell it to the public. The result is a low approval rating and wide frustration over the plan.

    He rescued the banks and wall street, which he needed to do, but never aggressively prosecuted anyone at the major institutions causing the problems.

    He has allowed the banks to remain too big to fail and never enforced anti-trust laws against them.

    He gave the senior executives of wall street firms and mega-banks a tongue lashing; then attended a fund raising dinner for his reelection with the same executives.putting up $40,000 each.

    He replaced his Chief of Staff with a senior mega-bank executive who previously oversaw the political lobbying efforts at one of the financial institution that contributed to the financial crisis.

    He praised small business for being the engine to create jobs and appointed the CEO of one of the largest multinational companies, General Electric, to head a committee to develop a plan to create jobs. The committee has done nothing of substance and the multinational company paid little taxes last year.

    He caved into a hostage taking Republican Congress on the repeal of the Bush tax cuts and on the debt ceiling crisis. The result is we have no plan for creating jobs while investing in the future of America and a Super Committee has been formed to address our debt problems.The Super Committee is destined to fail unless a pre agreed to plan is implemented.

    That is why his approval ratings have dropped. Obama needs to walk-the-walk; not just talk-the-talk Things will not change in Washington until there is campaign reform brought about by amending the constitution.

    THe good news for him is I am not sure if Republicans believe we have a future. More: http://bit.ly/ofGCBj

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Who’s in charge? Republicans. They control everything.


  3. I think we need to realize that we are being played for fools. It is all manipulation and misdirection. In fact everyone knows what the problems are, but the corporate and financial controllers are in charge. It is not in their interest to fix anything. I am sorry, but when GE pays $0.00 in taxes and gets a tax credit on $14 Billion in reported profits, and seniors are told that Social Security and Medicare are insolvent, it really drives home that it is all a charade. Want change? The someone like Fieger with some resources needs to call a general strike, targeted in transportation and communication industries. There must be marches and work stoppages until the corporate controlled media finally ust acknowledge the problem.

    Here is Robert Reich’s two minute video on you tube on the economy which seems filled with all but one undeniable truth:

    So I wrote Reich, former Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law Graduate this email at rreich@berkeley.edu (Robert Reich Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy, Richard and Rhona Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkley).

    “I admire your rhetoric and enjoyed your 2 minute Youtube video – “The Truth About the Economy.” I think it is all painfully true. However, your own complicity in NAFTA and MFN with China was left unaddressed. Nor was your cozy relationship with the corporate powers presented and their avoidance of basic worker’s rights – evading them here in favor of overseas. Is it all about self-interest? Does it matter to you that your policies have now devastated millions of persons? And don’t say you had no idea that this was occurring – you are way too smart for that. Is it all just a game to you guys?

    I am a resident in Macomb County, and there is an upswell in both GOP and DEM circles that we were betrayed by our leaders on the issue of Free Trade. Obama’s courting of the GE CEO – the “Great Off Shorer” is beyond comprehension. The DEMS are now part of the “economic royalists” that FDR spoke about in 1936. George Soros and his purchase of One West is the epitome of what these royalists are capable of inflicting – tremendous suffering and hardship on the heartland because of culture of greed. Now they trot out Right to Work, but before you demagogue that issue, where are all the “high paying export jobs” you and Bill Clinton promised from NAFTA when you sold that bag of magic beans to the American public. If the GOP is a bunch of corporate lackeys, then you guys are actually worse. To paraphrase Rick Blain in Casablanca ‘I don’t mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one.’

    If you are ever in Detroit, drop me an email. I would like to have lunch with you or buy you a drink so you can talk to actual people affected by your policy decisions. We can drive around and ask any man or woman on the street about how your decisions have affected them.”

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