Cain Proves That The G.O.P. Lacks A Moral Compass

Although the political-media complex is perseverating on the idea that the current panel of G.O.P. candidates don’t represent the best and brightest of their Party, the truth is that they accurately reflect the current character of the G.O.P. When one considers the fact that Herman Cain is the front runner even though has a legal record of serial sexual-harassment, and now is publicly accused of what amounts to a sexual assault, can there be any doubt that the G.O.P. has no moral compass? How does one explain the fact that his fund-raising has actually INCREASED since his legal history of sexual harassment was revealed, other than the fact that the Republican base actually wants to reward immoral and illegal actions? Where most men would want to punch out a guy if he did that to their wife or daughter, Republicans seem to relish the thought.
Look across the entire panel of candidates and you see a consistency of moral vacuum wrapped in self-righteousness to rival any of the Pharisees Jesus condemned. Romney is apparently devoid of any principle other than political ambition with policies and positions that blow whichever way the polls go. Perry has no second thoughts about executing innocent prisoners or spending time at his family retreat called “niggerhead”. Tea Party participants in the debates boo an American soldier fighting for their freedom and advocate euthanasia on uninsured people – all this with the silent support of these candidates.
Perhaps the most telling indicia of their lack of moral foundation is their insistence on policies abandoning the most weak and vulnerable in our society in favor of pandering to the richest and most powerful. Dr. Martin Luther King, the last great moral voice in American society, once pointed out the immorality of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on average to kill a single Vietnamese soldier and less than sixty dollars per child on America’s poorest children. Imagine what that number will be if any one of the G.O.P. candidates wins the Presidency!
It would be in the interest of the Country, let alone their Party, if the Democrats could only articulate a moral platform of support for the poor and middle-class to contrast with the G.O.P. instead of the lukewarm strategy of the politically safe.

3 Responses to Cain Proves That The G.O.P. Lacks A Moral Compass

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    And in Tennessee there were budget cuts, so they decided to decriminalize something. Instead of, oh, I don’t know, decriminalizing MARIJUANA, they decriminalized DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. God bless America.


  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Whoops, I meant in Kansas.

  3. jewood says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    My Grandfather, rest his soul, told me of his parents immigration to the United States of America. The story is told with much sadness and happiness. The story is, in Germany, our last name was Fieger. When all the ugliness happened my ancestors decided that they would pitch in money to get some of the ancestors out of Germany. The decision became that some ancestors of the immediate family, would be immigrated to the United States of America. Names were drawn from a hat as to which ancestors would immigrate, one condition being, that the immigrants had to leave something precious, to them, in the homeland. It was decided, by all, that what is more precious than your name, honor, and word? It was decided that the most precious was honor and word, but the name to be forfeited was the least of these three. It was with much sadness that they made the decision to drop the ‘R’ from the last name. This is how we became known as the ” Fiege ” tribe of the USA.

    I relate this story only to tell you that in someway we might be related. I wish, also, to tell you that I respect your work on the “Innocent Project”, from what I have read and seen.

    But..heh, there is always a ‘but’ isn’t there? You seem to be so radical about your opinions, philosophy, and you really don’t seem to look at facts straight on. It seems you just get upset and rant for the sake of ranting. You can’t seem to accept facts. Cain? Tea Party? OWS? Look at how conservatives absolutely skewer our own when something untoward happens. Liberals absolutely embrace their own when something untoward happens. There is proof upon proof of this. But you give it a ‘nonevermind’ when it is the liberals do such.

    It is such a shame, and I’m sorry you take the attitude you do.
    OWS, whatever, is a group of radicals just trying to justify anything to do with anything government, whereas the tea party, wants less government intrusion. OWS want their “candy” handed to them. The Tea Party want to work for what they have, keep some of what they make and, give to the government what it needs to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Liberals wish to tear down the Constitution and make us into a social utopia. It has never worked, and will never work without taking us in to communism and fascism. Is this truly what you want, Sir? Do you with to destroy this country from within? I would hope not, but indeed I do wonder. I would hate to see this great Nation be brought down by socialism and fascism. And, unfortunately, I can see it happening, orchestrated by outside interference.


    J.E. (Fiege) Wood

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