Occupiers Have it Right – Just Ask the Police

I can’t help but notice the distinctly different reactions of the Police to demonstrations of the Tea Party compared to those of the Occupy Wall St. Movement. You remember when Tea Baggers would show up in demonstrations around the Country threatening violence against the President and the Federal Government in general? Recall the racist and threatening signs? In some demonstrations, Tea baggers openly brandished guns. Yet, there were very few arrests, let alone any police violence directed at them. Contrast their hands off approach to that now being directed at the Occupy Wall St. Movement, which has been virtually non-violent. Massive police arrests and brutality have been witnessed in New York, Oakland, Portland, Phoenix and Berkeley. They are scenes very reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement with Occupiers, who are not resisting, being beaten with batons and sprayed with chemical agents. Journalists reporting on the police brutality have also been targeted for arrests and beatings.

Why were the threats of the Tea Party dismissed while the non-violence of the Occupiers is met with brutal violence? You might speculate that the virtually all-white and predominantly middle-aged to elder Tea baggers reflected the composition and politics of the police, while the much more diverse Occupier Movement does not, but I don’t think that accurately reflects the front-line officers (many of whom have expressed sympathy for the message of the Movement). The violent suppression of the Occupiers is function of the fact that the movement has grown and now constitutes a real threat to the power behind the curtains. The Tea Party, for all of its revolutionary rhetoric, is actually a tool of Corporate America, funded by billionaires to focus on making government more amenable to their corporate agendas. The Occupiers actually do pose a threat against the real power in this Country. Economic justice is the real revolutionary cause of our lifetimes, and the 1% are not going to give up their wealth and power without a fight.


4 Responses to Occupiers Have it Right – Just Ask the Police

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “Why were the threats of the Tea Party dismissed while the non-violence of the Occupiers is met with brutal violence?”

    Because there is no logic in this type of thinking and no justice. What I find interesting is that people on the far right, like the Tea Party, vehemently refuse to accept evolution because they’re afraid it will lead to Nazism… and yet they are the biggest social Darwinists out there! These idiots believe that if you aren’t a wealthy it’s because you didn’t work hard enough and you got what you deserved. I heard a story about a guy with Lou Gehrig’s Disease who didn’t have insurance and couldn’t pay for medical treatment and pain management. The Tea Baggers said, “Let him die!”

    The Tea Party is one of the biggest embarrassments to this country.


  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Oh, and of course if this guy was in so much pain that he wanted to die the Tea Party would probably go on about the Sanctity of Life™.

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Oh wait, the guy they were talking about didn’t have Lou Gehrig’s. It was a hypothetical guy in a coma. How did I remember it so blatantly wrong? Oh well, either way…

  4. Randy says:

    The City of Portland, Oregon kinda sorta caused their own problems with the peaceful demonstrations that the City has had recently in their downtown park(s).

    To be political, there was a decision made by the City to not enforce their own laws and rules, i.e., allowing people to camp in the park(s) even though their own laws prevented that from happening. I didn’t realize that selective enforcement of laws was how it was supposed to be done but I guess in this instance it was.

    Then all of a sudden when the City was faced with another political agenda of how much money they were spending on law enforcement presence and park employees to “manage” these peaceful demonstrators; the tables suddenly turned.

    I can understand arresting significant lawbreakers and spending tax dollars to do so but in this case, it was just a ploy to get rid of what they felt were “undesirable citizens” from the downtown area that were causing press coverage that they didn’t want.

    Why do peaceful demonstrators reqire police in riot gear circling the downtown area? The City complains that it is costing them so much in overtime, however it was the City that decided that was necessary under the circumstances along with a few downtown merchants complaining that they might not get their fair share of the holiday take.

    A governmental body has to decide on their laws and which to enforce. If you are not going to enforce them, then get rid of the law; it probably wasn’t a good one in the first place.

    I don’t think anyone has any problem with the police arresting felony lawbreakers but to arrest peaceful demonstrators just because someone decided “enough was enough” does not seem right to me.

    Had the City made a decision to attack the problem in this way, my guess is everyone would have gone home by now and the police could get back to what they are paid to do.

    Now, it continues on and on and has split into different areas of protest other than the original one.

    Finally, one has to ask the question of what downtown City parks are created for. Last time I looked, it was for the people; all people. I guess now it depends on whether you have been deemed an “undesirable citizen” or a “good citizen” and certainly we know all “good citizens” are in bed asleep at night and not out in the City parks excercising their right to free speech. Maybe changing the laws to allow any peaceful citizen to assemble in City parks whether it be day or night might be the solution to a growing problem that the City continues to foster.


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