Support the Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall St. – Detroit is moving out of Grand Circus Park after an occupation of about 6 weeks after successfully raising awareness and avoided the violent assaults from police that has characterized other occupations. What now? A recent survey indicated that the vast majority of Americans agree with the premise of the Movement that our democratic process has been totally corrupted by corporate money and no longer represents the needs of the People. We all know this to be true, but I guess the first step to recovery is admitting the truth. So what can we do?

One message that has become increasingly more consistent among Occupiers is support of a Constitutional Amendment banning all corporate money from government: from elections and from lobbying. It would mandate publicly funded elections limited to individual citizens and distributed equally among candidates. Candidates would be forced to run on the strengths of their policies and character alone and on an even playing field. It would ban any gifts, contributions or economic incentives (such as a promise for employment after government service) from lobbyists. Anyone or any group could lobby Congress, but the only influence they could have would be based on persuasion.

The chances of such an Amendment to be put before the People seem to be very slim, but then again the only other revolution in our history wasn’t given much of a chance either, until we beat the British and won our freedom. You may not agree with the tactics of the Occupy Wall St. Movement, but you can’t rationally refuse to support their goal. Support the Occupy Movement with whatever actions you feel comfortable taking, but certainly you can encourage everyone you know to write your Congressperson and demand that a vote be put to the amendment known as the “Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections.”

4 Responses to Support the Occupy Movement

  1. The OWS needs to draft Alan Simpson as its spokesperson and proceed to implement the following objectives.

    1. Prohibit Corporations and Unions From Financing Political Campaigns by Amending The Constitution
    2. Enforce Anti-Trust Laws against Oligopolies & Monopolies!
    3. Bring Our Deficit Under Control and amend tax code!

    The above are long term goals that will eventually bring more equally to the economy. The above goals will not be accomplished overnight and we need to do something that will bring the unemployment rate down now. A good start is President Obama’s jobs bill with some modifications brought about by sound ideas brought about by members of Congress and the Senate. More:

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I wonder if anything can be done about this. It seems that the people have no power.

  3. jeanne says:

    How about stopping the advantage they have of “insider trading?”
    Let’s drug test them all at random too, like many people have to do to prove they are safe for employment. The job of a politician is serious enough to warrant this and I am sure many are on medications that would alter what abilities they think they have. Let’s see how they like having to give urine specimens so “us” the people who they work for know what we are dealing with. They have allowed corporations to expect this of us.

  4. Just found out there are going to be more budget cuts in NYC, the libraries one of them. God-that-I-don’t-believe-in bless America.

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