Deregulation and Jobs

We hear it all the time from the GOP contenders and leaders – we need to create jobs by “deregulation”. In the Republican world, Federal “regulations” are a major obstacle to creating jobs – and they are right, in a way. However, for anyone wondering what the Republican vision of a deregulated America might look like might want to take a close look at one country which has prioritized jobs over regulations and is the fastest growing economy in the world. Communist China has become the Capitalist paradise, attracting major investments from US Corporations. Recent news reports from one corporate adventure there reveals a lot about what Republicans have in store for us.

Apple Corporation is one of the most lucrative companies on the NYSE, but virtually all of its manufacturing is done in China. Apple’s involvement with Foxconn, a Chinese company that manufactures their I-Pad is a good example of what “deregulation” means. There is no age limit on workers at Foxcon . (Remember Gingrich calling Child Labor Laws “stupid”?). At Foxconn, 12 year olds work a 12 to 16 hour work day at wages that barely cover the costs of living, with no benefits. (Perry’s success in Texas at creating jobs meant most of them at near minimum wage jobs, with no benefits. Romney’s company just eliminated good paying jobs with unemployment). Workers at Foxconn could work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 years and still could not afford to buy the I-Pad they are manufacturing.

Oh, by the way, check out the quality of air in Beijing or Shanghai. How’s that de-regulation thing working for ya?

Striking or causing work slowdowns results not only in firing, but also in jail time. (All GOP candidates support “Right to Work” laws and eliminating OSHA regulations). Dozens of workers have been killed at Foxconn in the past year from explosions and other workplace related accidents. Others have died from organ failures resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals. Many workers are totally disabled and fired by their late 20s from preventable injuries and illnesses. Chemical spills and pollution has caused numerous illnesses in the surrounding city. (All GOP candidates support either eliminating the EPA or defunding it to virtual non-existence).

It is true that the unemployment rate in the surrounding Province of Shenzhen is less than 3%. However, Apple Corporation, which knows of all these horrible work conditions, makes a lot of money for US investors. So whenever you hear Republicans talk about eliminating regulations to create jobs, they mean turning the American workplace into another China.   

5 Responses to Deregulation and Jobs

  1. Foxconn actually installed “Suicide Nets” around the perimeter of their factories and worker dormitories to help prevent the rash of workers committing suicide because of the poor working conditions. OSHA is largely a “Paper Tiger” here in America, I would hate to imagine taking even more authority away from OSHA. Our air contaminant rules, for example carbon monoxide, is the highest of ANY industrialized country in the world!

  2. Randy says:

    The best way to deter companies from using work forces from outside of the U.S. that practice these deplorable working conditions for their workers whether they be children or adults is to simply NOT BUY their products.

    I realize that this may not be as simple as it sounds; although we have to start someplace and that is a good start.

    Shame on those companies that practice such violations of human rights by contracting to have their work done where they know this happens. And, they should regularly inspect where they are contracting their work to as to make sure that it is not happening.

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Comic genius Bill Maher sums this up in a way that makes me unsure whether to laugh or cry.

  4. Jim says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore about the Republican agenda. What is discomforting is that so many people in this country cannot see the motivation underlying the strategy to get rid of the EPA and weaken employee rights, health and safety issues in the work place.

  5. FCusumano says:

    Read an article on the Bush-Gore Recount from 2000 which opened some neuron pathways and chemically signaled several synapses. It reminded me of the our home grown “Federalists.” I sincerely believe that if the law is to be an intellectually honest pursuit, then Rule of Law is not just a campaign slogan (which what it is) and not just politically driven.

    Here are the quotes:

    “In other words, Scalia and other right-wing justices operate with a situational ethic when it comes to “originalism” and “strict construction.” If their partisan and ideological interests require the abandoning of those precepts, the principles are dumped overboard.

    That is what most of us would call hypocrisy or dishonesty. But Scalia, like many on the Right, operates with a curious sense of false righteousness, at least when his “principles” match up with his ideology and partisan interests.”

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