One of the more fascinating aspects of the GOP Candidate’s Debates has been the participation of the audience during the debates – fascinating and a bit frightening. GOP audiences have cheered the idea of people who refuse to get medical insurance, cheered a record number of executions in Texas (including innocent prisoners), booed an active duty serviceman, cheered attacks on the poor and immigrants, cheered a call to war with Iran and the criminalization of homosexuals and the banning of birth control by States. GOP audiences cheered the rejection of the science of evolution and climate change and a rejection of Child Labor Law.

The Party of “Family Values” cheered last night when serial adulterer and marriage advocate and highly paid lecturer, Newt Gingrich, called his ex-wife a liar. The Party of “Patriots”, in Columbia (where the Articles of Secession were signed and where the Confederate flag still flies) cheered when Perry claimed that the “Federal Government was at war with you”. The Party of Lincoln cheered when told that the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional and illegal.

Never-mind the flood of falsehoods and vitriol coming from the Candidates, the hatred raining down on them from their all white and angry audiences has got to make any American with half a brain very concerned (and it must scare the bejesus out of the rest of the world). Could it be that it is just a coincidence that only the most ill-informed and intolerant Americans are being invited to these debates, or has the GOP really become the party of Angry White People.

3 Responses to GOP of AWP?

  1. Mindy Sue Long says:

    I have to say it does scare the bejesus out of me. Good old Newt always has had a tongue of a viper and always will. Look out people when the extreme right, Newt, and the GOP start pushing together. It will be worse than the ‘red dress’of the 90’s. They pushed back then to fulfill their own selfish needs; until oops there goes the American economy flushed down the toilet. Sincerely MSL.

  2. Bill Maher says, “Republicans are like children!” 🙂

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