Just When I Was Ready to Vote for Obama Again

Just when I was ready to vote for Obama for President again I read about the “Jumpstart Our Business Start-up Act”  (aka the JOBS Act). Matt Taibbi of The Rolling Stone has offered the most concise critique of the Act that I have read so far, but the short of it is that it legalizes fraud for businesses to capitalize start-up for new companies. Literally – legal fraud. This is because it exempts businesses from independent accounting for the first 5 years and exempts them from any responsibility for misrepresentations to investors during pre-prospectus presentations.

Not one Wall Street mogul has been held criminally responsible for the massive fraud that nearly destroyed our economy just a few years ago, and most of the Wall St. firms were not even fined for what was clearly unethical, if not illegal, sales. Wall St. profits are at an all time high, bonuses are greater than before the bail-outs. Election cycles are good for the big boys. Meanwhile working men and women are scrambling for the scraps, with decreasing wages and fewer job opportunities.

Is there really a choice between Romney and Obama? Not with regard to economic justice.  Congress appears to be a lost cause (lost to the same big money interests). With the Courts increasingly under the control of conservative activists appointed by executives who represent the 1% or elected by – you guessed it – with contributions from the 1%, there seems to be very few democratic options left. How can we get money out of politics? 

2 Responses to Just When I Was Ready to Vote for Obama Again

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I vote Democrat because that is the party that is Not Republican that has a chance of winning.

  2. We can get money out of politics by shrinking government. The fraud you speak of regarding corporations is really no different in my eyes than the impunity law enforcement and judicial folks have when they botch up. I hear of CEO’s and mega corporations screwing the nations out of millions, sometimes billions and yet they get some little slap on the wrist and keep a majority of the money.

    Government would be best if it just dealt with things pertaining to “oversight” aka “Bean Counting”. Now days the elected officials feel entitled to far more compensation and benefits than they deserve. It’s no longer seen as a job to better the nation, rather a job to fatten their pockets at the people’s expenses.

    For that reason above I vote Republican. Many Republicans are somewhat wealthy and they actually have something to lose if the nation goes in the toilet. People like Obama (past community organizer) has nothing to lose in terms of dollars. When is the last time you heard of Obama going back to Chicago to spend time at home? Oh that’s right; he said he felt at home in Kenya.

    The bottom line is this – If you go from rags to riches as a result of politics you soon forget about the days you spent in rags and cheat people to keep you in the riches. Be it the wealthy or the poor.

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