The Crisis of Voter Fraud

There is a national movement coordinated by Republicans to reduce the “crisis” of voter fraud. This is a real crisis and there is a real need for citizens to act. Elections have been stolen and candidates are being illegally out on ballots. It is a clear and present danger to our democracy, and it is only fitting that Republicans are spearheading the effort – because they are the major perpetrators of voter fraud. Whether you consider denying legal voters their rights, or simply fabricating votes, the current Republican Party is the most guilty perpetrator in U.S. electoral history.

History will record that the 2000 Presidential election was stolen when tens of thousands of registered Democrats were purged from voter lists by the Republican Secretary of State. Over 10,000 voters, who were later proven to be legally registered citizens, were purged and the margin of victory for George W. Bush was about 7000 votes. Sure, Al Gore’s passivity and the partisan ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court sealed the deal, but it may have been the first clearly documented and important electoral theft in U.S. history.

Now, fast speed ahead to the current G.O.P. efforts. In Indiana, the Republican Secretary of State Charles White (who was officially in charge of regulating elections) was convicted of felony voter fraud in his own election and removed from office. In our own state of Michigan, Thaddeus McCotter (one of the most vociferous proponents of voter suppression) was found to have submitted thousands of fake signatures to appear on the ballot. A criminal investigation is being initiated. These are a only a few examples.

In Florida (again), the Republicans have sent out notices to citizens that their right to vote is being taken away because they were suspected of being non-citizens. What? Voter rights are taken away because a Republican suspects something? An initial investigation by the media showed that the overwhelming majority of voters being denied their rights were Democrats, and the overwhelming majority of them were, in fact, legal citizens!

Republicans want to turn this country into a place where, if you are a Democrat, your right to vote is denied unless you can prove to them that you are a legal citizen. After generations of Americans fighting and dying to preserve the right to vote, Republicans are denying your rights.

Maybe those Second Amendment advocates are right…

2 Responses to The Crisis of Voter Fraud

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I read a book called The Good News Club which details how a group of right-wing Christians are working every day to turn the US into a theocracy. The woman who wrote the book went undercover and found that they had meetings in which they talked about lobbying to change textbooks so that instead of saying the US is a democracy, the books say it is a “representative republic.” It was then explained– not interpreted, explained; the person conducting the meeting actually said this– that they did this because they didn’t want to put anything in the books that would be associated with Democrats, that they didn’t want to lead the kids to socialism or something like that.

  2. Frank Cusumano says:

    Yet, Ruth Johnson is a Republican and so is Bill Scheutte. I suppose the proof in the integrity of the elected officials is whether they conduct a thorough investigation and whether charges follow, and whether those charges are aggressively pursued. There are over a million ways to subvert the system, and yet appear to be “Rule of Law” – only time will tell, and a free thinking and critical electorate.

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