The Real Issue in the Wisconsin Election

The people of Wisconsin have a significant vote to make today, but the significance of the recall election reaches far beyond the provincial. To be sure, the strength and political relevance of organized labor is being tested more than at any previous time since the 1960s. The quality and tenor of political discourse is also being tested there. However, the real significance of the Wisconsin election is the most definitive answer to the questions raised by the Citizens United decision by the Republican dominated U.S. Supreme Court.

The Citizens Untied decision was met with consternation and fears by many people of all political persuasions and affiliations that it would cause the demise of our democracy and lead to a plutocracy: a country run by the wealthy, for the wealthy. In Wisconsin, Governor Walker has represented the interests of the wealthy with a legislative agenda straight out of the Koch brothers’ corporate wish list: tax relief for corporations and the rich, the destruction of unions and worker’s rights, and the destruction of any legal rights for individuals when corporations damage them.  

After Walker’s recall, outside interests who have remained anonymous (another consequence of Citizens United) have poured in over $30 million dollars to get Walker re-elected. The Democratic candidate has had a total of $4 million dollars from all contributors combined. Those who argue that money doesn’t win elections are ignorant or naive.  Money buys media which can define and obscure issues; it buys voter suppression campaigns and get out the vote efforts. I know, I’ve been there as the Democratic candidate for Governor in Michigan. It was an education in how money is indeed the life-blood of any large campaign, whether it is for mayor, or governor or even the local school board. It certainly has been decisive in electing judges who represent corporate rights over individual rights.

If Walker succeeds, then we will have the first, clear indication of the end of a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Maybe we should get ready to display flags with corporate logos instead of the Stars and Stripes?  

6 Responses to The Real Issue in the Wisconsin Election

  1. Corporate logos on the American flag?
    I think not!

    It’s the Democrats, who put Obama’s face in place of the stars at a Florida Democratic headquarters building,

    I have never seen a more partisan load of hog-wash than your statements above! Public sector unions were sap sucking the state of Wisconsin DRY! Wisconsin was billions in the red and now has a surplus thanks to Walker! That is the REAL reason Walker won! No amount of money is going to change the truth Mr. Fieger!

    ROMNEY 2012!

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Wow, you get your information from FOX NEWS? Did you know that there was actually a study showing that people are actually more ignorant about the news from watching Fox News than if they don’t watch the news at all? And let’s not get started about Glenn Beck crying about how we’re not religious enough and Bill O’Reilly screaming at people. Fox News is one step away from being The 700 Club.

  3. Fox News is better than MSDNC…. er.. I mean MSNBC..

    Ole’ Brian Roberts and Obama are good buddies, and heck why not? No Anti-Trust issues when ComCast purchased MSNBC with GE!

    But how much did GE pay in taxes last year? And wasn’t it Obama who wanted to tax big companies? Didn’t GE send pretty much all of it’s medical X-Ray tech. over to China?

    Maybe Fox News is just WAY over your head InYourFaceNewYorker? After all you need that feeling of having a nanny telling you how to think and what to do! MSDNC is just your kind of news desk! No go have yourself a 16 oz. soda, if that’s not enough just buy TWO of them at TWICE the cost.

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    When in doubt, ad hominen attacks. Lovely!

  5. Did you mean to say “Ad hominem” (with an M at the end) attack?

    Because if that is what you meant to say I suggest you re-read your statement above about my choice of news desks (Fox News) then look up the definition of hypocrite.

  6. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Excuse me, it was a typo! And anyway I don’t know how you can think Fox News is a good news source when so much of it is about promoting religion. That’s not news! That’s an agenda!

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