Motor City Madness

As if anyone needed a reminder of just how dysfunctional city government is in Detroit, the media is reporting that Mayor Bing has hired his own attorney to challenge the City attorney who is suing the State of Michigan to block the consent agreement. This has to be a first. I think Ms. Crittendon has a valid basis for her lawsuit – the State does owe the City of Detroit millions of dollars of revenue sharing funds that have been denied for nothing more than political reasons by Republicans. However, I also think she is missing the big picture. The consent agreement was the only viable defense against the State taking over Detroit and allowing the pillaging of its few valuable assets by other cities. For example, it’s no secret that the suburbs have longed for the Water Department. In this sense, the city managers and unions might be a bit less concerned with preserving the last vestiges of patronage and privilege and much more focused on defending the City from the relentless political attacks of Lansing. The argument that Michigan needs a vibrant urban center as an economic engine is accurate, but that center is becoming Grand Rapids.  Detroit remains relevant because of the border and the Illitch sports empire and the few remaining auto plants. The point is that the State still needs us to be successful, but for years the Republicans in Lansing have sought to disenfranchise Detroit. If Mayor Bing had more cooperation and less co-opting then we wouldn’t have needed a consent agreement in the first place. This might sound strange coming from me, but there is a time and a place for a lawsuit – and this is not it. Drop the suit (for now) and let’s start  building a new Detroit.


4 Responses to Motor City Madness

  1. Frank Cusumano says:

    it is obvious that the suburbs are being box out of the picture regarding the detroit water and sewage department. the suburbs have been conditioned to accept the idea of a white knight coming in to save the day. we have had increases of 17 percent and 31 percent in the last 2 years. when you look at the detroit water and sewage department website there a brochure says that the main cost driver is lack of consumption. think about that the more you conserve time of the more you pay when the business interests and stuff again, they will look like white knight coming to save the day.

  2. I don’t think Detroit should be a franchise. What the heck load of horse manure is that statement?

    You know, I hate to mention this Mr. Fieger but before the great white flight of 1967 Detroit didn’t seem to have these problems it has today. I guess we have 20 years of Mayor Coleman Young’s Democratic leadership to thank for Detroit’s current situation, followed by 7 years of Dennis Archer’s Democratic leadership. How can we forget Kwame Kilpatrick’s 6 years of Democratic leadership?

    I think Detroit is about due for some “Hope” and “Change”. It’s quite clear Fieger’s silly ranting about the City Water Department pales in comparison to a certain mayor trying to sell the Detroit/Windsor tunnel to the Canadians!

    How can we forget our good friend Jennifer Granholm, wasn’t she a Democrat too? Wasn’t she really from Canada also?

    Pathetic! Fieger you need to open your eyes buddy! The problems that have lead to the demise of Detroit have one thing in common… DEMOCRATS!

  3. karen mango says:

    I believe Detroit can not be rebuild by the african-american community aloner. My great grand mother, grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter lived in Detroit. I lived at 15910 Dexter. I use to take the bus to Hudson to buy christmas presents. Coleman Young was right, build the casino’s on Belle isle. Restraunts, retail stores, and condo’s would of brought cash flow to Detroit. My Uncle worked for the Bush Co and lived in detroit and had a boat at the Roosertail. All his money was spend in the city. I have said for years to bring people back to the city. e-mail me I would love to speak to you lower case

  4. I spend a fair amount of time downtown both during the day (court) and in the night life for a suburbanite. I must admit that Detroit City in some areas (W Jefferson, Monroe St, and St. Antoine) are REALLY making a comeback. Good restaurants and lots to do.

    It’s just a shame Detroit was ranked the 2nd most dangerous place, 2nd only to Flint Michigan! LOL! And this was a recent rating of all the cities in the NATION! LOL!

    When I tell people I go to Detroit for a night on the town they look at me like I’m Rambo or something, but I try to tell them it’s really a cool atmosphere once you get familiar with the city streets.

    Sure… At first it’s a bit intimidating, but Detroit has a special feel like no other! I have been to NYC on new years and many other “Big” cities and none of them compare! Well except for the “River walk” in San Antonio Texas!

    I think this bing guy is doing something right, but the problem is Detroit is VERY big, and many parts of Detroit lack the deep pockets that the Casino’s, Court Buildings, Stadiums and GM have and as such there needs to be more investment in areas that will most likely be neglected for some time to come. Although I have noticed that West Detroit is really cleaning up too! New roads, businesses are getting face lifts and it shows.

    If you ask me Detroit can come back! It’s just that for so many years Detroit has been raped and pillaged by corruption.

    Don’t believe all the BS negativity. Detroit would be a great place to visit, but like all cities there are some “bad” areas. I don’t know much about this current mayor “Bing” guy, but when I leave the city after a night out on the town with my wife I feel proud of the city and and look forward to my next visit.

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