Finally: Guns Really Do Kill People

Finally the long controversy over whether guns kill people or people kill people has been cleared up by the Detroit Free Press. The headline yesterday read: “Police: Detroit officer’s gun kills woman in midst of embrace; incident under investigation.”

Then again, maybe only guns kill people when the gun is being held by a Detroit Police officer. I don’t mean to make light of the personal tragedy of either the off-duty officer or his victim. It’s a very sad situation that is repeated hundreds of times a year, usually involving the death of a child.

Guns are inherently dangerous because they have been designed to be that way. Just as no 2nd Amendment nut would make the argument that the right to bear arms doesn’t mean all arms (including thermonuclear arms), they cannot argue that the lack of guns around children or in social settings would not eliminate the roughly 6773 accidental deaths in the last 10 years. More people are killed by accidental gun discharges than victims of crime are saved. Show me a statistic based on a valid, scientific study that proves otherwise.

People who carry guns in public are cowards (or poachers like our own Ted Nugent) who are afraid of what might happen. Or they are victims of a misguided Detroit Police policy requiring them to carry a loaded weapon at all times. Either way, they are dangerous because of their fear and because they carry something that can kill at any given moment, intentionally or not. 

Every American does have the right to bear arms, but it is not an unmitigated right. It is a right that bears responsibility and demands common sense.

8 Responses to Finally: Guns Really Do Kill People

  1. Frank Cusumano says:

    Does anyone remember the movie “The Guardian.” No matter what you may think of Hollywood, they do produce movies which reflect serious issues which we still talk about today – security v. freedom.

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I like the “Simpsons” episode “The Cartridge Family,” in which Homer gets a gun. Good commentary about the state of guns in the U.S.

  3. Anita says:

    My opinion is that individuals who have the responsibility to protect, whether it be a police officer or a security guard, should be educated on the values of life and using guns as last possible solution for defense. Otherwise, allowing the public the “right to bear arms” will only cause unnecessary deaths for conflict resolution can be verbally expressed rather than the solution of the extinction of an individual’s life….Anyways, like bellybuttons, everyone has an opinion and that is mine.

  4. I think the title of this blog is somewhat unhinged! “Finally: Guns Really do Kill people” – I mean what kind of crap is that?

    Life kills people! People kill people! If you take away the guns you will have people getting killed with knifes, stones or anything within arms reach!

    Accidents happen EVERY day! What kind of person capitalizes on some poor woman’s misfortune for the purpose of pushing their political agenda? I mean really!?

    People die in automobile accidents EVERY DAY! Do we need a blog that reads “Finally: Automobiles really do kill people”. Maybe we should make owning a vehicle illegal? That will stop automobiles from killing others!

    Where is the rationale behind all of this politically driven hogwash?

  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    This stuff about cars killing people is a straw man argument. Guns are designed with the EXPLICIT PURPOSE of injuring/killing people. Cars are not. Therein lies the difference. And as for the other weapons/improvised weapons you mentioned, those aren’t necessarily lethal.

  6. More people die in Auto accidents than they do as a result of gun accidents. I know you donkeys like to use the term “straw man” but in this case the FACT remains.

    If you don’t think a knife or a heavy object can be lethal in the hands of a murder then you need professional help!

    The basis of this article is about an “accident” that happened with a gun. My comparison to the amount of “accidents” as a result of the automobile is spot on and no more of a straw man then Fiegers gun argument.

    Not everyone buys a gun to kill and the only guarantee you get in life is the fact you will one day die. How you die, either by way of an automobile, gun, knife, rock, disease, or old age is an appropriate topic for debate. An accident is an accident, but leave it to the Democrats to try and cheat even death! i.e.- Stem Cell research, gun control, and let’s not forget this new flawed healthcare law.

  7. jlgies says:

    Rex, here’s the difference. A knife, or a car, or a large zucchini (totally not joking about that one) are not made for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of killing things.
    A knife is made for cutting raw materials or food, a car is made for getting us places, and a zucchini is grown for me to stare at in disgust and wonder how in the world anyone can find it tasty.

    A gun, on the other hand, is made for one reason, and one reason only. And we both know what that reason is.

  8. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    No, Rex. A straw man fallacy is identified by any critical thinker regardless of their political views. A straw man fallacy is when someone claims to have refuted an argument by creating a similar scenario and then knocking it down. At closer examination, however, this “similar” scenario is irrelevant to the argument at hand. For an example, go read your argument again!

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