Ryan’s List

Many G.O.P. wing nuts are soooo excited to see Paul Ryan on the G.O.P. ticket, not the least of which for the “Christianization” of the ticket that it brings. Just how “Christian” is Mr. Ryan? Not very according to his own Catholic bishops. They have condemned the Ryan budget plans over the past few years as more representative of the gospel of Ayn Rand than of Jesus Christ.  The Ryan budget virtually destroys the social safety net and raises taxes on the middle class, while he rewards the richest 1% of Americans with a tax reduction and the military industrial complex with massive amount of corporate welfare. (By the way, if you think he is supportive of military veterans, think again. He proposes to privatize the VA Hospital system – something guaranteed to rob deserving veterans of the medical care they deserve).

                While Ryan is a symbol of economic Social Darwinism of the current GOP, he certainly is functioning as an attack dog. Take for example, his blaming President Obama for a GM plant in his district for shutting down – a year before he became president! Not very Christian of him is it? Here is a list of other things we can expect Ryan to blame on President Obama: losing the Viet Nam War, China going communist, polyester pant suits, France…

                One good aspect about the Ryan nomination that everyone agrees upon, is that it makes the choice of what kind of society America is to become quite clear. Romney/Ryan represent a corporate America where government serves the needs of a few at the cost of the many. This is not a political choice, but is a moral choice. Do we abandon the poor, oppressed and marginalized of society to some sort of Social Darwinism, or do we continue to strive for the ideal embodied throughout our history of attempting (at least) to lend a helping hand out to fellow Americans? Government may not be the only solution to social injustice, but it is better than the alternative.

4 Responses to Ryan’s List

  1. sbanicki says:

    Ryan appears to have borrowed Romney’s Etch-A-Sketch.

    Per news reports Romney believes abortion should be legal in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger. Ryan’s position is all abortions, except if the mother’s life is in danger, should be illegal.

    Paul Ryan believes that getting an abortion is taking of a human life and is wrong. Ryan has effectively stated that he will overlook the taking of “innocent lives” because his running mate has deemed…. http://www.freeourfreemarkets.org/2012/08/right-to-life-vs-right-to-vp.html

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:


    I am just fed up with this obsession with Life™ for the sake of life. The Republicans, and many religious nuts, have missed the point that it is wrong to kill someone else because in most cases that person does not want to die. Evolution has built into our brains the strong instinct to survive and to feel fear when survival is threatened. If not for that instinct, humans would have gone extinct a long time ago.

    However, what these nuts fail to realize is that an embryo/early stages fetus is NOT conscious and not capable of feeling fear and that certain rights are being violated. The mother, on the other hand, is conscious and is having her rights being violated when she is forced to go through with a pregnancy, a process which is inherently risky to a woman’s life to begin with! Got gestational diabetes? Got cardiovascular issues? Tough shit. That poor innocent little baby gets to use your body, and if you don’t live through it, well it’s your problem for having sex or for wearing a short skirt and getting raped!

    It’s all about just cranking out Life™ after Life™ for the sake of it. So many people have lost sight as to what ought to be the ultimate factor in determining if an action is right or wrong: suffering. Is suffering involve when a person performs a particular action? All outlined nicely in Sam Harris’s The Moral Landscape.

    Sometimes I fear that the Republicans will seize the country and make us breed ourselves to death. Just one Life™ after the other! If it’s Life™, it’s good!

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian is doing the Macarena in his grave…


  3. Ryan’s list? HA!

    How about the ACS List? aka The American Community Survey that is almost 30 pages long and requires anyone who receives it to fill out personal information about people living in their home. Things like what time they leave for work, how long they drive to work, where they work, how much they make, if they are getting any government handouts. But it doesn’t just stop there! They ask YOU to speculate how much your home is worth, how much you pay a month for your home loan or rent, along with how much you paid last month for gas and electricity.

    Seems that once every 10 years was not enough for the Obama Census, and now we have the ACS which is REQUIRED to be filled out OR pay a fine! Sound familiar? Yeah well just wait until you get the mandated Census form for the Affordable Heath Care law! I am sure it will make the ACS look like a walk in the park!

    How is it possible that Americans can be forced to answer some of the questions in the ACS survey is beyond me! It’s beyond an invasion of privacy!

    Have a look at the questions on the ACS Survey, which by the way is estimated to take at LEAST 38 minutes to fill out, but from what I can tell it would only take 38 minutes if you lived alone and had all the answers, if you don’t know it’s written like you should just speculate.

    Here is the link to the survey in PDF format

    Click to access Quest12.pdf

    Read that and tell me some of them questions aren’t a violation of privacy! Of course they didn’t send one out to everyone at once! Because if that was the case people would be bitching nation-wide! They know that so long as a minority of people get stuck filling out the forms the majority will just fluff it off, of course it’s just a matter of time before this monstrosity will be waiting in your mail box.

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

    At the VERY least the ACS is putting people in the position to speculate about others or risk sending in an incomplete survey. Just click on the link and read! Then tell me “Ill wait until I get mine”!

  4. Need more proof this Census thing was pushed hard by the Democratic Obama Administration? Read this, and decide for yourself.


    It goes on to say the following,

    “The current $350 million ad campaign for the 2010 Census, including the much-maligned $2.5 million Super Bowl spots, urges individuals to Tell your story.”

    “History including very recent history shows that the information provided to the Census can be used against you.”

    “The most recent examples occurred in 2002 and 2003, when the Census Bureau turned over information it had collected about Arab-Americans to Homeland Security.”

    “In preparation for this years census, 140,000 workers were hired to collect GPS readings for every front door in the nation”

    “Many will no doubt choose to follow former Senate majority leader Trent Lotts advice to skip any Census questions they feel violates their privacywhich may well include any exceeding the Constitutions mandate for an actual Enumeration. Unfortunately, choosing privacy now costs more: legislation recently passed raises the fine for anyone over 18 years old who refuses or willfully neglects to complete the questionnaire or answer questions posed by census takers from a limit of $100 to $5,000a fact not advertised even in the small print. ”

    ”Of course, the release of the strictly confidential data was also perfectly legal: during World War II, under the terms of the Second War Powers Act, and more recently, under the terms of the USA PATRIOT Act, now extended by the Obama administration.”


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