Covention(al) Time

The media spectacle known as political conventions are about to plague us, and who could blame us if we collectively stick our heads in the sand for a few weeks? I have to admit that I had the mistaken impression of what to expect from the G.O.P. convention. Sure, much of it will be conventional. For example, trotting out the entire cadre of elected Republican minorities (roughly a half dozen or so) for speaking roles to a convention was predictable, if transparent. This may be the Republican version of affirmative action when 15% of their speakers are minorities compared to 4% of the entire delegation at the same convention.  

Notable in their absence at the podium are the lunatic fringe of the Republican minorities: Palin, Bachman, Keyes, West and Cain. While many minority members elected as Republicans are most likely pragmatists who could not be elected in their venue otherwise, those who constitute the ideological apologists of the Party are notable in their, shall we say… eccentricities, hence their banishment to the silent corner of the Hall.

What was interesting was the keynote speech of Governor Bully, er…  Christie, mentioning Gov. Romney less than a handful of times while touting his own record and philosophy scores of times. Someone is running for the 2016 nomination already…

Nowhere in view are discussions of the G.O.P. platform, also quite predictable. If most Americans knew what the Republicans actually stand for, Independents would run away from them in droves. Also conventional are delegates attending illegal parties sponsored by Lobbyists. Republicans have no monopoly on this aspect of conventions, but this convention’s debauchery is apparently setting new lows.

It’s depressing enough to make one want to become… a socialist.

14 Responses to Covention(al) Time

  1. Frank Cusumano says:

    There is a growing movement in the GOP to eliminate the rank hypocrisy. It is the Ron Paul movement, and while most – like myself – don’t agree with him on everything, we do agree on the issues of the erosion of our civil liberties. I want to tell all the readers that REASON and INTELLECTUAL HONESTY and DEBATE are not banished by this movement. We are getting elected as Precinct Delegates, and fighting at County Conventions across the State. Sooner or later we will overcome those statists of the failed crony capitalist system. Ron Paul commented in Tampa that the establishment told him that all he had to do is get rid of his foreign policy stance (against endless undeclared wars that we cannot afford and to actually listen and take into account what are enemies are saying is the reason they attack us) and he stood on principle. It is better in the long run to lose, and ultimately win the war of ideas, than to prostitute yourself.

    I had this discussion recently with a Judge at a criminal conference. The prosecution wants my client to take a polygraph test to essentially prove her innocence. On my advice she refused. “But the case will be dismissed, if she passes,” the Judge said. The Judge was overtly pressuring me to advise my waiver her Constitutional Rights and compromise everything I know in my heart is right in a democratic, just and free society.

    I said, “wait a minute, what you are saying is that my client must surrender her right to remain silent, and then give a statement, to the the police to prove her innocence?” Practice note: these polygraph examiners have been known to testify about client’s answers – so much for the police being fair, honest and truthful. I continued: “Well, why aren’t you asking the prosecutor to have his complaining witness – a convicted felon, and admitted heroin and cocaine user – take a polygraph test about the facts of the Information? Where does that end?” His reply: “Well Frank, it ends when you have no principles or philosophies left to compromise.”

  2. c says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I would like to contact you to send a complimentary letter, thanking you for having stood up for end of life rights. I know it’s sort of a strange request, but I believe heroic acts deserve praise and would like to offer you a little if that would be alright. Is there a means with which I can write you a quick note?


  3. Yeah Mr. Fieger, we know what most Democrats stand for!

    Lying and Cheating! You guys deserve each other, but for the rest of us honest and faithful we prefer to vote Republican.

  4. Frank Cusumano says:

    Lying and Cheating! You guys deserve each other, but for the rest of us honest and faithful we prefer to vote Ron Paulican.

  5. Nixon may have disappointed us but at least he owned up to it. That’s more than I can say for the last few Democrat Presidents!

    I guess this new Obama Ad with President Clinton is supposed to make us all forget his cheating ways.

    There is a clear choice! If someone cheats on their wife and then tries to lie about it they will have NO problems cheating the American people!

  6. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Yes, Clinton lied about his personal life because… *GASP* it was nobody’s fucking business!

    And as for Nixon, the bastard hated Jews.

    Which of these two things was worse? Smoking cigars with a woman who isn’t your wife or being a racist bigot? Take your pick.

  7. The President cheating on his wife while on the job and at work? That is everyone’s business!

    And Nixon didn’t hate the Jews! He hated the Democrats!

    Monica and Bill were doing more than smoking a cigar. It’s wasn’t burn holes they found on the “blue” dress.

    One more thing NY’er, it’s been said that Clinton’s little “White Water” scandal had a body count. No wonder Monica Lewinski went public! It might have been her only chance of survival.

  8. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I am just floored that you think the president’s personal life is our business. As Richard Dawkins once said, “Where a man puts his penis is none of congress’s damned business.” Besides, Clinton isn’t the first politician to have an affair. And do you want the list of the Republicans who have done so too? Like Newt Gingrich, among others?

  9. jlgies says:

    Rex, it is now a matter of public record that Nixon was anti-Semitic, as well as racist. Just look up some of his comments captured on his own taping system.

    But even that’s beside the point.

    Nixon did not merely “disappoint us.” What he did was far, far more serious than that in terms of the implications for the country. It was his series of illegal actions, and Ford’s ultimately wrongheaded decision to pardon him for them, that led to the myriad of far worse abuses by the Bush administration, and to the complete lack of political will on both the part of our legislature and our population to hold them accountable.

  10. Sort of like how Democrats gave Clinton a pass during the impeachment hearings? Now we are all supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Do you know how much money was WASTED as a result of Clinton’s shenanigans? And you want to sit here and harp on about how the population does not hold them accountable? For gawds sake man! Get a hold of yourself!

    Nixon isn’t on the TV trying to stump for Romney. How about you practice what you preach and hold Clinton accountable?

  11. Hey Frank, did you know there is a growing movement in the Democratic party endorsing Ron Paul in an effort to split the Republican vote. These RINO’s are easy to spot. 😉

    DEMOCRATS! If you want to stick it to them Republicans vote Ron Paul November 7th! Split the Republican vote just like you did during the primary election! LOL! Tell em’ you want the Republican ballot just like last time! LOL!

  12. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “Do you know how much money was WASTED as a result of Clinton’s shenanigans?”

    Yes, and that’s exactly the point. Wasting all this money to find out where Clinton put his dick.

  13. Spoken just like a Donkey NY’er!

    Everyone already knew where Clinton put his dick NY’er! What cost all the money was his LYING about it! I understand that concept goes WAY over the heads of the small minded folks.

    If Clinton wants Privacy I’d suggest he do his personal things in private. At the very least be discrete. Not Clinton! I am sure he has had LOTS of private time as of late.

    Of course Monica is old news now days… Now Clinton has a new thang…. Obama! LOL Imagine that news getting out!

  14. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    He wouldn’t have lied about his personal life if politicians weren’t so concerned about his personal life. His personal life is nobody’s damned business! Let’s not forget all the closeted gay Republicans who get caught with male prostitutes.

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