The Great Divide

Several years ago I wondered in a blog if a significant part of our country had simply gone insane at the reality of an African-American President. That was at a time when tea baggers were parading around with blatantly racist picket signs and all manner of apocalyptic warnings if Health Care Reform was passed. It was as delusional and as consistent with the paranoid presidential election nonsense we had to go through. You know, the ones saying Obama would confiscate all guns, was not born in the United States and the one big lie that scared the daylights out of many “Christians” – namely, that Obama was not a Christian. You remember how so many Republican rank and file were so passionately opposed to a “President Obama” because the fist non-Christian president would usher in the “Great Tribulation”? Of course, objections to Obama had nothing to do with him being a “non-Christian”, a fact proven by the acceptance of the first verified non-Christian as the Republican nominee. It really was about race all along. But if racism is the fuel that runs the very personal and hateful attacks on the President and his family, there is another more fundamental problem dividing the two Parties, and it has to do with insanity.

Insanity, defined as the failure to perceive and respond to reality, has to include a recognition of facts. The current G.O.P has a platform rejects economics, science, and even some of the most mundane facts of life (such as rape leads to unwanted pregnancies). Paul “Lyin’” Ryan has been caught lying about such insignificant things as his time running a marathon. Are Romney and Ryan simply unable to acknowledge the truth, even when confronted with the facts? Or are they simply a more extreme variation of the sociopath as politician? I don’t know, but what should worry us even more is the fact that so many rank and file Republicans are willing to overlook the lies (such as the welfare reform, the GM plant closing, apologizing for America, etc. etc. etc.) simply because of their hatred of the black man in the White House. Ryan continues to lie about the GM plant closings in his district even after the facts were widely publicized. Ask a Republican how they can tolerate a candidate lying even after he has been proven to be lying, and they will simply go on to attack President Obama. It was as though the Eastwood “speech” became a metaphor for the whole GOP: a confused, angry old white guy talking to himself.

We can’t have a solution to any problem when one side simply refuses to admit to reality. Solutions happen when both sides agree on facts, define the problem and are willing to explore solutions. When someone is so consumed with fear and hatred that they cannot cope with reality, it creates a delusion, and that delusion makes it impossible to begin to solve our problems.

3 Responses to The Great Divide

  1. I agree with you to an extent Mr. Fieger! The Democrats have a very hard time admitting to reality! For almost four years now things have gone from bad to worse, but Democrats just don’t want to see it. People have lost 10’s of thousands of dollars in home equity with no end in sight. Obama is oblivious to the needs of the nation as he gets on TV and makes claims the private sector is doing just fine. Biden gets in front of people and makes wild eye claims the Republicans are looking to put “yall” in chains, a clear reference to the days of slavery! Even the Democratic Rangel (D-NY) come out and called the vice-President on his inappropriate claims.

    Yes Mr. Fieger, there is lots of blame to go around. The problem today is we have been lied to, our nation taken over in the first half of the Presidency by a Democrat super majority with very little scruples or character. Self serving in almost ALL of their endeavors we race toward the bottom under the current administration with Obama leading from behind pushing us all even faster. You seen how quick the American people put an end to the Democratic Super Majority; don’t think for a minute America wont bench Obama too.

    Then we have the lunatics that try and push this “Racist” B.S. as a reason why the current Administration is unable to get anything done. Sure it was a good campaign platform in 2008, but it’s not holding water in 2012 because Obama was given a chance and turned out to be less than the man he claimed to be. So now the Democrats are back trying to push this “racist” theme hoping maybe the masses can be guilted into voting for an empty suit once more.

    People can not deny the attack on religion has NEVER been so aggressive as it has under Obama. Anymore Christmas has all but been scrapped and the traditions that made America great are all being mocked. No longer is it politically correct to wish someone a Merry Christmas, no longer is it politically correct to advertise Christmas trees, rather it’s more correct to advertise “Holiday Trees”. That isn’t the America I used to know! Grand displays in malls and the holiday cheer abound, Chistmas tree’s and Merry Christmas parties thats what I recall. But not so much under the grinch.

    Yes Mr. Fieger, Obama may have had it easy in 2008 when most of his past was sealed under court order, but it’s going to be VERY hard for Obama to have the past 3 years sealed from public scrutiny, and statistics show whites are no more racist than the black man when it comes to voting by race for President. All too often it’s the White man who is branded a racist, while statistics show it is the Black community who overwhelmingly support Obama in the 90+ percentile and given Obama’s performance their continued support can only be for the simple fact he is black. Having something in common with another is a VERY powerful tool to connect with people, but when this holds true for a white man it’s considered racist? Quit fueling The Great Divide Mr. Fieger!

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Rape leads to unwanted pregnancies? No, not if it’s Legitimate Rape™!

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Attack on religion; what a joke. Religion is as domineering with its delusional belief system as it ever was. How dare atheists have a voice as well? And just FYI, as an atheist Jew I don’t give a damn if somebody says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” There are more important things to worry about. And just FYI I’ve never seen the words “Holiday Tree” anywhere in NYC, and NYC is as ethnically and religiously diverse a city can get.

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