The Last 72 Hours

After the last 72 hour news cycle I feel a bit like Jack Bauer in the television drama “24”. The news behind the news is like a television drama full of betrayal and intrigue. Consider these facts:

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asks “The only question for Israel is which regime change to support the most – that in Iran or in the United States?”

A man with Israeli and U.S. citizenships films a video funded by a secret source and intentionally inflammatory toward Islam and posts on the web, along with Arabic subtitles.

The video is promoted by Baptist Minister Terry Jones, along with an announcement to put “Mohammed on trial in the USA.”

Egyptian cleric somehow “discovers” the video and promotes violence toward the USA.

In what appears to be a pre-planned attack, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya is killed. It is near the 9/11 anniversary and months after the #2 al Qaeda leader is killed.

Mitt Romney (former business partner with Netanyahu and supporter of a war against Iran) denounces President Obama with lies about apologizing for the USA and encouraging the militants.

The Head of the Israeli Knesset declares that they should go to war with Iran immediately.

Those are the facts. Are they related? Is there anything more chilling than President Obama announcing that the people who killed our Ambassador will be brought to justice? That’s the difference between Obama and the Republicans: when he says they will be brought to justice they will – dead or alive.

4 Responses to The Last 72 Hours

  1. sbanicki says:

    If this does not rap up the election for Obama I will be disappointed in America. In my 44 years of voting, I have never seen anything like this. A candidate running for President is willing to risk American lives because he thinks it may help him get elected. The Head of Israel, who is friends with Romney, is butting into American politics even though we are Israel’s strongest ally.

    Romney can go to hell as far as I am concerned. Who can trust him?

  2. sbanicki says:

    Please give me permission to post it on my blog. I will give you total recognition as a guest commentator.

  3. Frank Cusumano says:

    The film is beyond inflammatory. Although I have only seen the trailer (and maybe that is all there really is) on the Daily Beast website. It depicts the Prophet Mohammed almost like a silly cartoon figure, and is filled with violence and stereotypes. It is disgraceful over simplification, and fiendish. I will not post the link, because the powers that made this intended for members of the internet citizenry to aid them by doing so. What is really amazing is that the Global Elite – many of them Muslims with Harvard Degrees, are still susceptible to such stereotypes and jingoism. The film’s trailer is deliberately intended to provoke Muslims to violence – like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    We Christians are better, and regularly accept blasphemy of Jesus. Or do we? Witness the response to the Da Vinci Code, and Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video. Even The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson – a faithful rendition of the Gospels’ of the events leading to the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus – that was decried as heretical. As a lector for the past 25 years at my Roman Catholic Church, take it from me, Gibson’s film is what the text says.

    Lady Gaga was threatened with arrest in the Phillipines during her Born this Way Tour. Catholic leader Archbishop Ramon Arguelles urged the public to boycott her two concerts, but fell short of advocating protests. “Her fans are in danger of falling into the clutches of Satan,” he told reporters. Former Manila mayor Lito Atienza said he was not against Lady Gaga herself but only against “certain acts and passages” in her songs and music videos. This included the use of a crucifix in “a very denigrating manner” as well as one of her songs “where she is belittling Jesus Christ himself and praising Judas as heroic.”

    What is really going on is the Muslim world is reacting to so-called globalization, and the opening of their markets to the banks and the culture of debt peonage (interest is banned by the Koran), American style health care – which was free in Libya under Gaddafi – and the Almighty American Corporatism. Of course, the US taxpayers will foot the bill for the empire building – going as far to pay for contracts to Americans to “teach” them how to set up American style Courts, health care, insurance, and other “free markets.” All these borrowed BILLIONS are to support “our national interests” abroad. What is the national interest, and who are the “we?”

    Read Jeff Faux’s “The Global Class WarHow America’s Bipartisan Elite Lost Our Future, and What It Will Take to Win” (2006), and let a little light and knowledge into the media cocoon that has been spun for you.

  4. While offensive and wrong I respect the opinions of others enough to say censoring the link and or expressions of others is wrong. This movie was not played in a crowded theater. Even if you had provided the link I would not have bothered to watch it, if only because I have better things in life to do, like come on here and complain.

    I think it was quite clear what the Muslim people thought about that movie. How others may feel I don’t know. The right for free speech must not be extinguished just because the content is offensive.

    It’s a slippery slope…

    The whole effort to say this video was responsible for terrorist actions that took place on 9/11 are also somewhat concerning.

    If Geoffrey Fieger means this whole last 72 hours felt like an episode of “24” he most certainly means that Obama reminds him of President Logan in Season 5.

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