Religion or Mental Illness?

Disclaimer:  I am an equal opportunity offender of all organizations that threaten life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Is Christian fundamentalism a mental illness manifested by delusions of the “end of all times”, panic attacks every Presidential election, the fear of everything and everyone, and lack of reality testing?

Consider the widespread panic when Obama first ran for President. According to many of the leaders of the “Christian Right”, the election of Obama would result in the confiscation of all guns, the end of the State of Israel, disarming our military and the surrender of Iraq and Afghanistan to al Qaeda, economic collapse and re-education camps for conservatives (they even had pics of FIMA mobile homes being prepared) and the end of all times. And they were very, very afraid.

(Some of the same claims were made before Clinton’s second term).

Well, of course none of that happened, but it hasn’t stopped the crazies from going at it again. Now they claim that re-electing Obama REALLY will result in confiscating all our guns, disarming our military, economic collapse, the destruction of Israel and the end of all times. They tell us we should be very, very afraid. That is their essential argument for supporting Romney.

I suppose in one sense the Christian crazies have made some progress in the last 4 years. After all, their basic objection to Obama last time was that electing a non-Christian as President would result in the end of all times (remember Obama was really a secret Muslim), but now they support a man who actually is not a Christian.   

4 Responses to Religion or Mental Illness?

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    It’s interesting how you have to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this blog post. People get so upset if you criticize their religion. It’s ridiculous. If they’re so damn sure that their religion is great, then at worst they would get frustrated, not insulted. The fact that people get offended by religious criticism makes me suspect that deep down they are not so sure that their views are correct.

    Also, this Obama paranoia isn’t limited to the religious nuts. My grandmother is a deist (ie she believes in a god but no PARTICULAR god) and she hates Obama. She usually votes Democrat, BTW. But I think that there might be some prejudice on her part, even if on a subconscious level. I think that if Clinton, for example, had made the same transgressions (in her view) that Obama did she wouldn’t be as hard on him for the simple fact that he’s white. Sadly, one of these “transgressions” put her on the Obama is a Muslim bandwagon. In 2009 he… *gasp*… bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia! She said to me, “Honey, he is a MUSLIM!” And I said, “No he’s not.” Then she said, “Then why did he bow to that king?” And I said, “I don’t know. It’s probably like a handshake. They do the same thing in Asian countries.” When my mother pointed out that George W. Bush (who my grandmother, thankfully, hates) held hands with some Muslims, my grandmother said, “Oh, I didn’t see that.” And, of course, what I should have said is, “Okay, let’s just say that he is Muslim. Is he implementing sharia law?” But I’m sure she would have said, then, something to the effect of that literally every Muslim wants to take over the world and bring down America.

    Old people, not children, say the darndest things…

  2. Just finished “The Global Class War. How America’s Bipartisan Elite Lost Our Future, and What It Will Take to Win It Back,” by Jeff Faux. Faux (as does Chris Hedges and Naomi Klien) confirms that there is rule by fear. Fear suspends reason. For example, Al Queda never posed an existential threat to the United States, and if the FBI had done its job, 911 never would have occurred. Yet we start a nebulous global war on terror and suspend our Constitution. Al Queda is smashed and they never had as army, air force, or navy. I suppose even the Caesars, Czars and Fascist Dictators did the same thing. And if you speak out, use reason or rationale arguments that the policy is invalid or speciously justified, or otherwise step out of line, you are marginalized and ostracized from the “party,” the organized establishment whose sole purpose is to maintain the status quo at any cost, ala Josef Stalin. Witness Hitler’s Germany. The evil genius of the Nazi salute. What would happen if you did not return the salute. Would you be anonymously denounced, jailed. tortured or executed? Not everyone went along, and Germany honors those that tried to stop the madness. Google Johann Georg Elser.

    Stand by OUR Constitution. It is the ONLY thing standing between you and a police state.

  3. Janis Smith says:

    Religion entered politics 40 years ago. Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation recruits/grooms politicians from the White Evangelical Christian Church. We needed to fight back when Reagan was running….now, it will be an uphill battle to win back our country from the “New Right of Paul Weyrich”.

  4. Rob Barense says:

    I live in Ottawa county we already have a police state. It’s amazing the lengths that the right will go to keep poor people down. I use to be a right winger and NEVER again will I vote for the GOP or any of it’s cronies! GOP does NOT care about your civil rights!

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