Supreme Injustice

October 22, 2012

Looking at the recent Supreme Court hearing on Fisher vs. the University of Texas, the affirmative action case, one cannot help but conclude that the extremists on the Court are about to undertake a massive revision of American society to the 1950s. Virtually no questions were asked of the attorneys for the Plaintiff, but Justices Scalia and Roberts, berated, mocked and attempted to humiliate the Defendants. Justice Roberts once said that considering the race of any citizen by any government agency was “sordid”.  Think about that perspective. Considering the race of a citizen in a voting rights case, or a discrimination case is… “sordid”?  This is a twisted perspective on life – the kind of perspective from a judge that leads to rulings like limiting women’s rights to sue over discrimination, as they have. Or voiding the Civil Rights Act (which they will).  It is as though the most benign interpretation is that they have their heads so up their proverbial legal theory behinds that reality and the consequences of their rulings never is a consideration.


This flagrant, if not arrogant, way in which the Roberts Court ignores precedent and ignores the realities of the world is alarming. Whatever disagreements I might have with Obama over the War and privacy rights, they dwarf in comparison to the possibility of Willard selecting one or two new Justices!