Supreme Injustice

Looking at the recent Supreme Court hearing on Fisher vs. the University of Texas, the affirmative action case, one cannot help but conclude that the extremists on the Court are about to undertake a massive revision of American society to the 1950s. Virtually no questions were asked of the attorneys for the Plaintiff, but Justices Scalia and Roberts, berated, mocked and attempted to humiliate the Defendants. Justice Roberts once said that considering the race of any citizen by any government agency was “sordid”.  Think about that perspective. Considering the race of a citizen in a voting rights case, or a discrimination case is… “sordid”?  This is a twisted perspective on life – the kind of perspective from a judge that leads to rulings like limiting women’s rights to sue over discrimination, as they have. Or voiding the Civil Rights Act (which they will).  It is as though the most benign interpretation is that they have their heads so up their proverbial legal theory behinds that reality and the consequences of their rulings never is a consideration.


This flagrant, if not arrogant, way in which the Roberts Court ignores precedent and ignores the realities of the world is alarming. Whatever disagreements I might have with Obama over the War and privacy rights, they dwarf in comparison to the possibility of Willard selecting one or two new Justices! 

6 Responses to Supreme Injustice

  1. The only injustice here is that my response to the “Last 72 Hours” thread has not been approved. (As of 10-26-2012) The fact that responces need to be approved before being posted speaks volumes.

    Otherwise, courts have been strife with corruption since the dawn of time. You of all people should know this.

    By the way… I’m just 1 Court away from getting my case in front of the Supreme Court. I’d like to thank you and your referral for nothing, but given the fact I must have saved about $10K thus far and gotten pretty much the same results I’d say I’m ahead of the game.

    Through all of this, I have but one question for you and your ilk in the business of practicing law (and I say that very loosely). Do ANY of you, be it Attorney or Judge ever really think of the consequences of your actions? I am sure folks like yourself spend 99.9% of your time thinking about your wants and absolutely no time considering what is right.

    My two cents.

    P.S. – Thanks for your censorship efforts in the 72 hour thread. Now where is Jack Bauer when you need him? I think we have a city full of President Logans here in Detroit!

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Oh for goodness sake! Is it possible he just missed the comment? I’m pretty sure some of my comments didn’t get “approved” and they were not controversial in the slightest. Also, I run my own blog and at least a couple times there were comments that I somehow missed approving until about a month after they were written.

  3. LOL! You sound like Fiegers Attorney! I am glad they got it approved as my feelings were starting to get hurt. LOL

    Shouldn’t you be worried about other things right now NewYorker? Like that massive storm barreling towards you?

    How close will you be to the action? Better prepare now, looks like one hell of a storm! You know it’s bad when they name it “Franken storm”.

  4. barry says:

    why doesn’t anyone publicly say that Obama did doe the things he set out to do 4 yrs ago – that many of them didn’t get from A to B because the republicans blocked them instead of helping to get us going; that the things Obama did get through are, in fact, working that 4 yrs just isn’t enough. Obama needs 4 more yrs to get them going and take us out of the devastation the GOP left us in, almost putting us in a deep recession. That to changing now, in mid stride, all things that are in the works will only hurt us. You can’t keep changing everything every 4 yrs and think our country will stay afloat.

  5. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    @Rex, I was merely calling you on changing the subject of the post to something irrelevant, like you’re doing here. As for the hurricane, I’m in Pennsylvania right now. Thank you for your concern. 😛

  6. An Injustice is just that… Relevant.

    @ Berry – Obama had his 4 years, and things are the same if not worse than 4 years ago, with the only difference being that the Democrats are not trumpeting “The sky is falling” for their campaign. Quite the opposite really.

    To give Obama another 4 years would be a huge MISTAKE! Obama knows that if given another 4 years he could just continue his agenda of blaming others, and doing very little while the things he does do get extended beyond his term for someone else to deal with.

    Obama is out of touch with his base, does not work across the isle well and has not even passed a budget in his 4 years in office! He claims to have “saved” GM, but the FACT here is GM still went bankrupt. Obama did not save GM, federal bankruptcy courts saved GM. The Democrats and big labor (aka Unions) were able to continue their crony capitalism by getting in bed with GM. And Chrysler? What the hell are we doing bailing out an Italian car maker?

    Cash for clunkers?? What an utter waste of resources! The mandate to pour liquid sand in an engine and destroy something our environment paid a price to build shows Obama’s destructive and childish mentality. But then again, I guess we needed more steel at the time for the WTC and in the process pick and choose more winners.

    No way! This has to stop NOW! Mitt Romney said he will take “Responsibility” for his office from day one, and that is something I have yet to hear Obama say. Instead Obama just places blame on everyone else. Poor leadership.

    Obama is not a bad guy, Per-Se, but that is no reason to trust him with another 4 years. He had his chance, and said “You can’t change Washington from the inside”… So lets help him out by voting for ROMNEY 2012!

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