Put the Gun Down, John!

Last year when Congressional Republicans put a gun to the head of our economy by threatening to not raise the debt limit, the crisis was averted partially, since their gambit did actually harm the economy by resulting in the first ever lowering of our credit rating. They agreed to delay the budget decisions until after the elections, and then make the consequences of not working out a budget deal so odious that… well it would just have to be worked out. It was in a sense saying that if we don’t get this deficit worked out by the end of December, we will blow our own heads off.

I suppose to the rationale mind, the prospect that Republicans would never do it again didn’t occur to President Obama, but these are not your father’s Republicans. Like a scene from “Blazing Saddles” when the newly appointed sheriff of Rock Ridge points a gun to his own head to avoid having it blown off by the townspeople, John Boehner is holding tax relief for 98% of Americans to protect 2% of the richest Americans… and not raise the debt limit… and reduce entitlements. And he is willing to blow up the economy to do it.

Every day he plays the politics of “chicken”, the more it harms the economy because our economy depends on spending during the holidays. Who would go on a spending spree if you know your taxes will go up $2200.00 and the economy will tank? The danger is that House Republicans are irrational and will pull the trigger. This Congress has proven time and time again that they put political interests ahead of the Country’s welfare. That is what makes the current situation in D.C. so scary…

Just… put… the… gun… down, John. Agree to tax relief for 98% of Americans.  For God’s sake! Somebody needs to talk the man down…

4 Responses to Put the Gun Down, John!

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Is it just my browser? I see the title but no entry. That said, there’s no reason for me to click the “like” button. 😉

  2. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now

  3. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Okay, NOW I see the entry. Good post, as usual. Do a post about the anti-vaxxers next. “Keep the government out of my bloodstream!” but “Keep the government in the bedroom!” and “Don’t raise taxes on the rich to fund schools and other government institutions. People who don’t have jobs are just lazy!” Okay, I know that they’re not all like that but often anti-vaxxers are right-wing hypocrites.

  4. Marc says:

    They always do everything they can not to lower taxes for 98% of Americans. It is the reason why our country is in debt, asides from all the unnecessary spending.

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