Snyder Fooled Me, But They Don’t

Four years ago I got a lot of grief from my fellow Democrats for making a comment to the effect that Rick Snyder seemed to be a decent guy. I thought he was – until now. What he has done to promote the closed door deal to make Michigan a right to work (for less) state is as cowardly as it is undemocratic. He and his fellow Republicans in crime deserve our scorn and should have to look over their shoulders every time they step out of the country club.  But this is not a personal thing. Rick Snyder has only joined the ranks of many Republican governors bought and sold by the Koch brothers and their corporate demons. Synder has only distinguished himself as a particularly cowardly one, that’s all.

There are some who say that the right to work (for less) law was just a payback for the union’s support of Manny Maroun’s bid to get his bridge, or the collective bargaining referendum. Maybe he is that small of a man, who can say at this point? However, this cowardly act is really part of the broader attempt by corporate America to end the American dream, and turn our country into one big plantation. By defunding the Unions these Plutarchs eliminate the only substantive obstacle to buying elections and eliminating living wages. Without unions there will be no middle class.

I have to admit that Snyder fooled me, but the real powers behind his treachery don’t. No, this is not personal, but it is policy – which is all the more reason to take to the streets and defend your rights. See you in the streets…   

6 Responses to Snyder Fooled Me, But They Don’t

  1. Sharon Burton says:

    I agree 100% with you we cannot sit and let this group of traders continue to crush the sate of Michigan.. The working people of this state must Fight and fight back now. Mr. Fieger I have respected your fighting for the working class.

  2. Douglas McIntosh says:

    Please run for Governor!

  3. DonRivette says:

    I AM A PROUD local 370 union pipefitter please help us in the fight to overturn this KOCH FUNDED right to work bullshit feiger for governor 2014

  4. Kevin Michaels says:

    While listening to you talk with Paul W. Smith on WJR radio on 12/14, I got the impression you may be an attorney in the vein of John Edwards. After looking you up, I saw it was true. I will remember you if I ever venture into the dark side and need an attorney for defense. Having moved to Michigan from a right-to-work state, I am happy to see Governor Snyder take positive action for good in Michigan. The positive things I see occurring in the Wolverine State are a result of his BOLD Leadership. Most of the unions are just a money laundering machine for the Dems, so I understand why they fight so hard to keep their hands on the dues. You flatter yourself if you think you can ever become governor of Michigan. That would be the day I move back to Texas.
    “Lawyers are like beavers: They get in the mainstream and damn it up.” — John Naisbitt, in Megatrends
    Thanks for the entertaining commentary with Paul W. Dems, like the law, is hardly ever logical.
    PS: your blog theme is quite appropriately named – “Contempt”

  5. kellie wilson says:

    take snyder and his rite to work to trial, its discrimination.

  6. Sheldon Wieland says:

    Mr Fieger,
    I just retired as a teacher with the state of Michigan, Gov. Snyder decimated my pension. I wish I could go back in time and tell the young teacher Me, not to invest his money with the state because a third of my pension will be robbed by a rogue governor !
    I see young children riding on their bikes and other play vehicles without helmets, copying the adults without helmets on their motorcycles, thanks to Gov. Snyder. And I look at my brain injured son from a car accident and think of all the good people who will suffer even if they survive the vehicle accident and I cry and pray for them, despite what our governor thinks.
    Although not a “union man” in every sense of the words, I have paid my dues as a union worker and have thanked the unions for giving me a decent wage throughout my Life. And I worry for the future of Michigan with the “nerdy” Michigan governor that even Mr. Romney called “weird.” I feel it is wrong what he doing to us, on so many levels. Mr. Fieger, please let us know what we can do to help you in our mutual disagreements with Gov. Snyder. We would be honored to donate our time to participate in a commercial highlighting the bad effects of what the governor is doing to good Michigan people.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Sheldon, Margaret and Shawn Wieland. Life long tax paying voters and residents of Michigan

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