The Real Agenda of “Right to Work”

It is time to go to war, not only on Rick Snyder and Republicans in Michigan, but also on their real masters – the DuVosses and Koch Brothers. And I don’t mean just political war. They need to feel the pain that they are directing at working families in Michigan. This “lame duck” session was not just a sleazy betrayal of Snyder’s campaign promises to us, or a political payback from Republicans for supporting the Constitutional Proposition enshrining collective bargaining rights [is the need for that Proposition to pass obvious enough now?].

The so-called “Right to Work” is an economic policy by the Plutocracy to destroy unions by defunding them. In the short run, defunding the unions accomplishes an obvious political goal. In the wake of Citizens United, the only significant factor to offset the hundreds of millions of dollars corporations use to buy their political candidates are the unions. By defunding the unions, there will be no financial force to represent the needs of the middle-class and working families.

The “Right to Work” has been called the right to work for less, and rightly so. In virtually every State that has passed this legislation, wages have decreased for every worker. The data on job production is mixed, with some States gaining jobs and others not gaining any additional jobs, but the bottom line is this: working families will need more jobs because they will no longer have an opportunity for a living wage. Corporations will turn this Country into a third world Country in terms of wages. Then they will not have to ship jobs overseas to pay slave wages.

The union movement was born in violence, with men and women literally sacrificing their lives to help others. Let’s hope and pray that the movement doesn’t suffer a passive fate. 

7 Responses to The Real Agenda of “Right to Work”

  1. John Austin says:

    Geoffrey, John Austin here, heard you on Paul W. Smith this am– very true, who would want to come to Michigan? I made similar point earlier this week.

    There is a better vision, check my website Could use your help


  2. Joe says:

    Maybe you could get in the trenches with the workers you empathize with, especially the ones who have the courage of taking on multi-billion corporations when their rights have been violated. Your advertisements say as much (especially the one about not having to be rich to higher a good law firm), but like Mom said, “Actions speak louder than words”.

  3. As a retired union member-Local 7 Sheetmetal I can’t believe what’s happening. Since unions are businesses,they perform a service which they get paid to do(dues). This should be taken to the US Supreme court for all (24) states for discriminating against unions,WHY should they not get paid,it would be like going to WALMART filling you cart and saying I’m a Republican and I don’t have to pay.Dan H

  4. Tom Witten says:

    I’ve read that an union in a union shop had the right to charge a fee not more than union dues to non union hourly workers in a right to work state. Is this true and if so can Snyder & boys change it in the state of Michigan?

  5. Bruce says:

    Response to Joe, Amen! All Geoffrey wants is the almighty dollar and all he will do is suck up to what ever position will get him same! Geoffrey, I have been listening to your useless adds for the past few days. You take advantae of every Progressive initiative to push your position! The problem is you do not relfect all the attitudes of this country let alone this state or metropolitan area! You may be the ballsy liberal bu there are those who live in this state that will take you attitude and shove it up your ass! That’s the same thing I told the unions last week that tore up the Capital! ARE YOU PROUD OF THAT MR. FIEGER? Or are you just another liberal, let’s make it more accurrate a PROGRESSIVE that want’s to save his ass! Response required!

  6. Richard Oakey says:

    God help Michigan !!!! I agree one hundred percent . Geoffrey Fieger please help Michigan. We as union workers only get told who and what we should vote for. We need to know what to do know. Yes I know every single union worker should have voted to pass prop. two but that did not happen. so now I Richard Oakey proud member of building trades glassworkers local 357 Detroit, needs to know how to effectively battle this new B***S*** legislation

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