The “War” on Women

With the big hubbub over Todd Akin’s remarks on raped women, it seemed important to me to put his comments in context. After all, the majority of Republicans agree with his policy on no abortions permitted under any circumstances (this is the G.O.P. platform), even if many regret his choice of the word “legitimate”. However, I have yet to hear G.O.P. apologists explain away the implications of his misogynistic medical explanation that a women’s body can “shut down” fertilization in the situation of rape. No responsible medical professional would support such a proposition (at least not one in the 20th century), and doesn’t it really mean something else? If a women does get pregnant from a rape, even with this “protective” shut down, doesn’t it mean she really “wanted it”? That’s what he was really saying. That such a misogynist could be elected by a majority of Republicans in Missouri suggests that there really is a popular support for the war on women within the Party as a whole.

No one could seriously question the misogyny of the G.O.P. considering the actions of The House Republicans in the last few years. These include:

  1. Attempts to limit access to women’s birth control
  2. Decreasing funding for women’s health programs
  3. Attempts to defund Planned Parenthood with all of their preventative screening   
  4. Decreasing funding for food assistance to impoverished women and children
  5. Defunding inoculations for cervical cancer
  6. Stopping legislation protecting a women’s right to equal pay for same work
  7. Stopping legislation to restore a women’s right to sue for job and wage discrimination
  8. The “personhood” law that would ban abortions at any time under any conditions
  9. The attempt to outlaw all abortions except due to “forcible rape”
  10. The failure to censure Representatives using misogynistic terms for women House members

Those are just a sample of what the new G.O.P. has in store for our mothers, wives and daughters.  God help us if they ever control the Government after the next election…

3 Responses to The “War” on Women

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    “No responsible medical professional would support such a proposition (at least not one in the 20th century)…”

    And certainly not in the 21st!

  2. Bill Burton says:

    Snyder is a “wantabe” hardnose REPUBLICAN! He wants us to have a right to work law just like Indiana! Abortion laws liks Virginia!
    He is a spineless coward that does his best work under the cover of night with a few hundred State Trooper to protect him..
    Women of Michigan need to call or write their state reps and insist that these anti women laws be stricken from the books!
    Snyder is a coward that has a lot of power and that makes him dangerous, do no trust him!!!

  3. lauriedault says:

    I feel like we’re in 1937 Berlin, now. What is next? Make it illegal to be gay? Deport all the minorities? Put a tattoo on our forearms? I see history repeating itself in many, many ways.

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