Ironies Make the World Go ‘Round

Anyone catch the ironies from the RNC falling faster than rain from Hurricane Sandy?


Fox News called out VP nominee Ryan after giving a speech full of lies and misleading statements?

Delegates chanted “We built it” in a convention center built with tax monies by union workers?

Romney’s pollster said that he was not going to let the campaign “… be dictated by fact checking”?

Paul Ryan defending Romney rejection of the GOP platform of no abortions at any time for any reason by saying that it’s a free country and Romney could make that personal choice for himself?

Delegates giving standing ovations to women combat veterans after endorsing a platform rejecting any role for women in combat?

A GOP delegate was ejected for throwing peanuts at a black CNN cameraman and saying “this is how we feed the animals”?

Just think of the possibilities if only Palin, Cain, Perry, Bachman and Akins had been allowed speaking roles at the GOP Convention… the clown car would have been number one in the ratings!

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