My America

Many of you have seen or heard my op-ed commercials “My America” (and thank you for all of the great feedback). I decided on the theme of “My America” because I wanted people to think about what kind of society they want their America to be – for themselves and their family. What do you want and how can you help build that America? I can tell you what kind of America I want.

I want an America that is an extension of my own family. I want an America of mutual respect and support. America could be a family where its members are encouraged to make it on their own with hard work, but can expect that in hard times the family would pull together to help. I want an America with a family budget that is prudent and builds toward the future, but is willing to borrow money to provide for necessities and opportunities.

I want an America like a family that welcomes friends and neighbors, one that can be firm without anger and consistent with how it treats its members. I guess by now you get the idea of what I am attempting to do with “My America”. What kind of America do you want?

3 Responses to My America

  1. Rocky says:

    I admire what you stand for Geoffrey..especially the fact that it’s not popularity or money that drive you! America needs to recognize that instead of focusing on this obsession with self and to hell with others mind set….we need to come together as one mighty nation… a united front to resolve the problems here in America…where we help each other…we need healing in this very broken society.full of violence, deceit, greed and self obsession…we ALL need to step forward to make this happen …in our own communities first and then help the rest of the world when we can and are able…we cannot afford to just wait for someone else to make a move…this must be done NOW…and you Geoffrey, as we readers of your blog recoginize ….are one steadfast and conscientious soul not afraid to do so

  2. Julia Kovach says:

    I am also on wordpress and have written a blog called, “America Needs Our Help”. Please check it out at: Thanks. I’ve always admired your fearlessness. xoJulia

  3. lisa Maddox says:

    I want an America where children are taught from an early age to respect and listen to the views of those with whom they disagree. Where critical thinking is part of the curriculum, diversity is encouraged and children are taught that all disputes can be settled with a third party “immediation” (my 9 year old’s word for mediation… right now!)

    I want to see young women begin to get a sense of their potential value in the world scene, and begin to make wise choices when it comes to choosing partners, jobs and education. And I want to see their parents help them understand how the world works and how it can be mastered, before they leave their home. I believe all schools should emphasize critical thinking.

    I want the right to choice to be unassailed.

    I want less guns, and more people who make an effort to reach disassociated young people and to make them see that they are not alone.

    I want to stop being threatened every few months regarding social security and medicare.

    I want to have medical insurance that allows me to make my own, informed medical decisions.

    I want to see our schools become more than holding grounds that yearly push out “adults” who have no idea how the world works. There’s more to life than sex, drugs and rock and roll, people. And I attended college in the early 80s!

    Mostly I hope for reconciliation, and an American where I don’t have to get up in the morning and immediately have to stave off the attacks of those with whom I disagree, and hear them all day, everywhere, brainwashing people who have no idea they are being duped.

    Finally, I see an America where the poor, homeless and illiterate will always have somewhere to turn, somewhere funded by the government that is there to serve them, not to emulate large corporations, whose only service is to themselves.

    Whew! Big question.

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