People often ask me “why?”  Why do you choose to take public stands that could hurt your business?  Why do you choose to comment on political issues? Why do you spend so much of your money on media to comment on social issues instead of advertizing your business? So I decided to answer the most common questions I have been asked in the last few weeks. Here are a few answers to the many questions.

1.      Why did you support President Obama for re-election rather than fellow Michigander Romney?

Because I have a daughter.

2.      Why do you take so many political stands when it can hurt your business?

My “business” is helping to create a just society, through my own actions, through the law or through politics. If I was only concerned about making money, I would never take many of the cases I do. Some things are more important than money or popularity.

3.      Why did you believe that race was the real issue with people opposing President Obama?

Not everyone opposed to the President are motivated by race. The ones who are the most virulent and hateful such as the “birthers”, the Tea Party… you know, the ones who told us Obama was a Muslim, was a socialist, was going to take away all our guns – basically the ones repeating the talking points of Fox News are. Their irrational hatred justified by lies is a giveaway. The article by Ta-Nehisi Coates in Harper’s Magazine “Fear of a Black President” is a great historical primer on the issue.

4.      Why are you still working after so many years? Why don’t you just relax now and enjoy life?

I do take vacations every once in a while, but for the most part, I am happiest when I am fighting for someone. I am sure some psychologists reading this will speculate about early childhood or displaced anger, but… who cares why? What I do helps people and makes me happy. I am a very lucky guy.


2 Responses to Why?

  1. On the issue of people who call Obama a “socialist” and a “communist” I have one question that has been nagging me. If we are against “communists” than why did our national government give most favored nation trade status to Communist China? It seems at the very least disingenuous, if not downright deceitful. The largest transfer of wealth in human history has NOT been to the middle east through oil from the US. It has been to the communist Chinese through consumer goods. They in turn have purchased $1.165 Trillion Dollars of US Treasury Notes as of October 2012.

    Why has that not been in the mainstream media? The same media outlets are owned and operated by the same transnational corporations profiteering on the cheap foreign labor scam known as Free Trade. And since the US government spoon feeds 80% of the news to those media outlets, why is our government silent about the dreaded communists? Aren’t these the same communists, by the way, that caused American soldiers’ deaths on battlefields in SE Asia and Korea – weren’t they the ultimate enemy and boogie man? I suppose the dread Islamic Jihadists are now the new sole boogie man, and the Commies are benign trading partners, except when used rhetorically against Obama’s supposedly liberal social or tax policies.

    So let me get this straight, “we” are for freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility, except when there is a totalitarian communist regime that will control labor costs at $0.60 per hour, and imprison or execute any one who protests, then “we” are supportive if communism – making the Communist Chinese a global super power. Likewise “our” national security and our global militarism is not for “us” but rather for those same transnational corporations and international bankers. I use the term “we” in quotation marks because “we” does not denote “We the People.” Instead is “we” means the global elites of the transnational corporations and international banking cartels, manipulators of public opinion and the big lie narrative. In fact, these monetary zealots are all for totalitarian regimes which oppress liberty and freedom, and even our form of government, as established by our US Constitution. Here is the quote and the link which sums up, in a rare moment of stunning clarity, what the global elite really believe. Jeff Imelt is Obama’s job creation czar:

    JEFF IMMELT, CEO OF GE: “The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.”


  2. Aurelia says:

    Thanks for being you. God made you who you are for a reason

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