What if… the mass murder in New Town, CN had been an attack by a Muslim? What if the killer had been a terrorist sent to kill from a foreign country? We would be activating the National Guard to protect the Country and mobilizing the military to invade another country and kick some ass. We would authorize billions of dollars to support the elimination of every potential terrorist, intent on doing the same thing. No effort or expense would be spared.

If the slaughter of children in New Town had been committed by a foreign terrorist instead of a mentally ill kid armed to the teeth with assault weapons, we would move Heaven and Earth to make sure it doesn’t happen again. However, thanks to the terrorists at the NRA and their sympathizers in Congress, we will do absolutely nothing. If we flooded our streets and schools with law enforcement personnel… invested millions in mental health services to identify and intervene on sick, violent people… assured that all gun purchases were legally vetted then we could slow down the slaughter of innocents in this Country.

Too bad we can’t call in drone strikes on NRA leadership like we do foreign terrorists… 

One Response to 12/14

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Thumbs up.

    Also, because I know this has been going around I want to point out to anybody who is apt to continue this speculation, no, the fact that the killer had Asperger’s Syndrome is NOT relevant anymore his hair color, skin color, or religious beliefs (if any). Asperger’s Syndrome and sociopathy are two very different conditions.

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