Idiocracy of the Right Wing

The Right Wing has weighed in on the mass murder at Newtown, and if nothing else, it illustrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of American Conservatives. Consider the analysis and proposals of the Right.

Some on the Right have identified the “feminization” of the American education system, meaning that schools are filled with women and children and vulnerable. Never mind that it was a man in the school who did the killing, and men as a rule who commit these atrocities, their solution is to put manly men in schools.

Others on the Right have concluded that this happened in a school because we have taken “God” out of schools. Maybe God has changed, but I always understood that God is everywhere. Would children praying in the classroom have saved their lives while some lunatic was shooting them? Maybe this was “God’s” judgment on that school for the country allowing gay marriages (as suggested by some Evangelicals).

The brilliant minds at the NRA weighed in with a proposal to have elementary schools turned into armed camps. This is a strategy of reaction, but apparently the murder of 1 or 2 children before the assailant is shot is an acceptable price for them to pay for being able to own an assault weapon. That’s a moral solution fit for Fox News viewers. Why stop there? If the idea is that only armed guards can save children, why not station armed guards at every playground, at every day care center and escort every child walking to and from school? No doubt the NRA would support that idea too, since it would involve purchasing even more weapons.

If we had an armed guard at every school it would cost approximately $80 to $100 billion dollars (calculating $80,000/year for a guard, training and equipment). I wonder what the NRA would say to this counter-proposal: since gun owners are the source of the problem with gun shootings, the guards should be funded by a tax on every weapon and bullet. A 150% tax on every bullet and weapon purchased an owned each year should do it.

More men in schools, hiring God to roam the halls and more guns in schools: that’s their best thinking. And the irony is that Conservatives can’t understand how immoral and sub-cortical they have become since the days of William F. Buckley. 

4 Responses to Idiocracy of the Right Wing

  1. John Hucul says:

    Hey I grew up in Roseville Michigan , I am 40 years old. Left Roseville High School in 1990. In my second or third year, a roseville police officer stayed at our school during school hours. Love ya Jeff… please run for governor…. we need ya

  2. Daniel says:

    I almost always agree with you, so this is nothing personal. However, you are wrong about guns. Liberals (I am socially liberal) aren’t usually anti-gun. They just want the government (i.e., police) to have a monopoly on the use of force. I know from being a former cop that they are almost always useless when there is a violent incident, whether it be a knife, gun, clubs, or feet and fists. (My daughter just fought off some thugs using a belt buckle and a broken beer bottle, and she’s lucky she was badly hurt or killed. The girl the thugs attacked had to go to the hospital.)

    The usefulness of the police comes after the damage is done. They can occasionally stop further violence and they are useful for capturing the thug, but by then it is often too late to help. If my daughter had not been present, it’s likely the girl would have been hurt or killed with the broken beer bottles.

  3. Daniel says:

    Correction: My daughter was lucky she was *not* hurt by the thugs. The thugs, not my daughter, used a belt buckle and broken beer bottles.

  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    You forgot to mention that the killer apparently did what he did because without religion he has no moral background! Yep, because I would never know it’s wrong to go around killing people if not for the Bible… Never that mind that God is a serial killer himself, beginning on page 6 with the flood. What a tyrant! How can anybody worship this god????

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