NRA Membership Up, Intelligence Down

The vast majority of what the NRA does as an organization is laudable. Training people on the safe use of guns is one example. However, there can be little doubt that it’s leadership has steered the organization toward lunacy, and in so doing has become a destructive force in our society. Many prominent NRA members have denounced their membership even as the NRA has announced a sharp increase in membership recently (i.e. since the Newtown massacre).

Everyone, except the majority of their membership, recognize that the policy positions of the NRA are determined more by corporate profits of gun manufacturers than reflects the beliefs of their own membership or what would be good for the country. For example, most NRA members support background checks for ALL gun sales and improvements of gun ownership data files. The NRA leadership have rejected even these essentially cosmetic gun control measures. I have a simple solution for their ridiculous proposal to turn schools into armed camps. How about this: put a well trained and vetted armed guard in every school and on every school bus. Pay for it by imposing a 100% tax on all gun owners, gun and ammunition purchases. What do you think the NRA leadership would say to that? The over-under on their rejecting the proposal would be 1 second and 2 seconds, because the NRA is owned by the gun manufacturers.

Even more destructive has been the hatred and fear-mongering sponsored by the NRA. Remember all the rumors before President Obama was elected the first time about his plans to “confiscate every privately held gun” or “restrict the purchase of ammunition”? They were lies then and being resurrected again. Fear is their tool to enslave our society in a cycle of increasing gun violence. Why otherwise intelligent people continue to be a member of an organization increasingly seen as the lunatic fringe is a mystery to me, or maybe I am making an assumption about the quality of the remaining membership?   

3 Responses to NRA Membership Up, Intelligence Down

  1. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Whoops, wrong link. Don’t post the message with the other link. Post this instead please.

  2. Daniel says:

    Just like Romney and Bush, Jr., Obama wouldn’t know the Constitution if it hit him alongside the head. Most executive orders are unconstitutional because they bypass Congress. You can’t believe much of what Obama says, except that he will say one thing and do another (for example, Guantanamo has never been closed; he murders U.S. citizens without a hint of due process). I didn’t vote for Obama or Romney because they are basically two sides of the same coin, especially when it comes to the war on terror and the complete lack of respect for *all* of the Bill of Rights. Obama is not anti-gun. He’s just anti-gun for everyone but the government.

  3. The deal senators currently have arranged to increase weapon background checks to all Internet and
    gun show product sales will increase costs for consumers.

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